The UTM/PP/AFORD/TPP Alliance Is A Joke

Last time I mentioned the UTM/PP alliance as one of workable alliances. The reason is that it is the kind that cannot generate any kind of protest vote because both parties have few but desperate and scared voters.

It is a fact that Joyce Banda and her PP got around 1 million votes in 2014. But as of now, Joyce Banda has nothing. She destroyed the party with her self imposed exile. If Joyce Banda had remained in Malawi and focused on rebuilding PP, she could now be having about half of what she got in 2014

But her self-exile was a mistake. Preparing for elections when you are in Opposition begins the very day that you lose. Joyce Banda needed the whole fives years to rebuild the party and help her members and supporters recover from a humiliating defeat. But she abandoned them and only appeared after all party leaders had left the party and all followers gone.

The UTM/PP/AFORD/TPP alliance is a joke. you see, what makes an alliance strong and capable of winning elections are the voters that the alliances brings together and the ability of the alliances to bring in candidates that will be wholly accepted by voters and members from across all involved parties. And the alliance also needs to be able to inspire voters and give them hope.

Looking at this alliance, it has nothing. All parties involved have no voters. And i dont think any Malawian is inspired and sees hope!

Let me repeat what i once said, let MCP and DPP battle it out. enanu musatitayire nthawi. (By Lyson Sibande)

2 Responses to "The UTM/PP/AFORD/TPP Alliance Is A Joke"

  1. citenzen   February 3, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Malawi voice is the joke here! All parties have voters and have the power to influence new voters! Let all parties battle it out let everyone exercise their rights including voters choice. Not your propaganda journalism.

  2. Sato   February 3, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    The writer is a caveman to write a piece like this. All parties in Malawi were knew at a certain point in their history and did not have supporters. So what can stop people from joining these parties? Apa zavuta kumpanda basi.


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