Jumani Johansen Dies: Tributes Pour In

Juman: Most believed he deserved a DNA

Controversy and mystery have gripped Malawi following the news that Jumani Johansen, a man who claimed was son of Malawi’s first President Kamuzu Banda, has died this morning after a short illness at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre.

45-year-old Jumani has been pressing for a DNA test to prove his claim, but Kamuzu’s family has been branding him an impostor. His death follows a threat from the Kamuzu family’s representative, Ken Kandodo Banda who claimed that “any evidence that Johansen claims to have is bogus and the family will take drastic action against him if he continues with such claims”.

Many commentators have expressed concern over the words and tone the family took against the deceased. Juman is survived of a wife and a son.

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