Sexual Immorality Rocks Blantyre Synod As Rev. Chimesya’s Libido Exposed

Rev. Chimesya: Being haunted by sexual immorality trends

Reverend Stanley Chimesya of Blantyre Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) is under fire for sexual immorality that has embroiled his pastoral work.

Wherever Chimesya has gone as a church minister, there have been sexual scandals, breaking other people’s marriages in some cases and forcing women into sexual intercourse and others.

One such family that broke up after Chimesya snatched the wife is that of Mr and Mrs. Kandiero at Nsoni CCAP Congregation in Chiradzulu district during the period 2007 to 2008.

Kandiero was teaching at Kalimachoka Primary School and his wife was chairlady for Mlambe CCAP.

Chimesya abused his position by snatching Kandiero’s wfe. The Kandiero family and Chimesya family were friends but the cleric did not respect that.

When Kandiero discovered that his wife was in love with Chimesya, he confronted her but the woman was defiant.

Church elders were engaged to settle the matter but the wife was too deep into the love affair to listen to anyone.

The marriage broke up. Unfortunately, Chimesya could not marry the

The woman is today languishing as she is in dire straits and Chimesya stopped supporting her.

The husband is still teaching and vowed never to go back to the cheating wife.

Kandiero remains very bitter with Chimesya for breaking his marriage.

“It is very sad and unfortunate that a cleric contributed to the downfall of the marriage. Clerics are supposed to protect marriages but if they are the first ones to break them, then where will the faithful go?” one church elder who did not want to be named wondered.

At Nsoni congregation, Chimesya did not only break Kandiero’s family. We have overwhelming information about other immoral cases.

Another teacher at Nsoni, a Mr. Phiri, had a bad experience with Chimesya. He and his wife went on a journey and left their daughter in Chimesya’s custody.

At night Chimesya went to the house and wanted to have sex with the girl but she refused and shouted for help. The parents hated Chimesya.

At Thumbwe CCAP, Chimesya forced a Mrs. Mwamadi into a love affair but she refused and reported to church elders who also confirmed the incident.

Chimesya did not stop there. He fell in love with a nurse at Namitambo health centre.

He further enticed a bureau operator at Maina thus at Chiradzul Secondary School turn off to Providence Industrial Mission to end her marriage for him.

Chimesya’s pastoral ministry has been embroiled in sexual immorality and abuse of office.

When he was at Chonde manse in Mulanje, he made pregnant a married woman.

When the husband chased the wife, she insisted that the baby’s name
should come from Chimesya. The woman left and started hunting for piece works.

He also made a maid pregnant at Chonde and the matter was broadcast on “Zam’maboma” programme on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and village headman Chonde was quoted giving testimony. The matter was also brought to police.

As Presbytery clerk at Chonde, Chimesya fell in love with Thuchila Presbytery secretary and treated her as second wife.

At Khaya CCAP in Mulanje, Christians wrote the synod demanding for his immediate removal.

He also made pregnant a minor while at Mpiripiri in Makanjira. Chimesya was keeping the poor girl as a Good Samaritan only to end up opening her legs.

He was arrested but played the smarter and got away with it.

His immoral behaviour was not tolerated at Chonde church in Mulanje. He left unceremoniously as most of the faithful did not want him.

Meanwhile, a group within the Blantyre synod has emerged and planned to meet authorities over the immorality of Chimesya. The group feels Chimesya should be disciplined.

Pic: Rev. Chimesya
Caption: Haunted by sexual immorality trends

(By Derrick Gwetsani)

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