Anger As Prophet Mwila Abuses Church Money to Rent In K750,000 Classic Mansion

Prophet Mwila in Front of the Mansion

Barely a week after social media faulted Blantyre based Prophet Steven Mwila of Moriah Ministry for cursing his former members, the man is back in limelight again for abusing church funds to rent in a classic mansion in Chilimba charged at K750,000 per month.

This classy life story has led the flock to run away from his church.

“In our economy like Malawi there is no way one man can be staying in that house. We are in a very awkward time where money is a problem now in this regard some people are leaving the church and some have already left,” said our sources.

Our sources have further confided with our reporters that Prophet Mwila is currently in rental arrears with his landlord. 

“This type of appetite to leave a stylish life not helping matters but rather killing and scaring the flock.” 

 Just recently our reporters saw Video clips of man of God cursing the flock with dissenting views. 

The controversy came following revelation that he led his church to pray for some members of his church cursing the flock. 

Prophet Mwila a Zambian born Malawian was faulted for such prayers.

In Videos that went which have gone viral on social media, Mwila is being head in the video saying tell them they will walk like a naked women. 

He was referring to some women who have ditched his church and formed their ministries. 

Two senior clergymen that we talked to said the conduct by Prophet Mwila is total violation of what Bible teaches. 

He said the Bible says do not curse.

“Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.” (Romans 12:14).

He said when Paul is telling us not to curse those who are trying to hurt us, I believe he is talking about cursing them in the way the above definitions are stating. 

Our sources have condemned Mwila for living a lavish life.

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