2019 Is For DPP To Retain Its Smile: Opposition Parties In Leadership Turmoil

Man Of The People: APM Interacts With DPP Supporters
With less than two years before 2019 elections, the economic and political weather display ultimate green lights that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will have a cakewalk to retain the mantle of leadership.

While the popularity of DPP is soaring like a bush-fire in the harmattan, MCP and PP are both entangled into shackles of intraparty madness and leadership turmoil which infected the parties with political dwarfism.

Aside from leadership crisis that PP and MCP are faced with, the two parties are leashed by lack of national campaign and development agenda.

Knowing all they have for 2019 elections is desperation and lust for power pegged too high for their heights, MCP and PP have now turned themselves into cry babies suspecting every objective electoral move.


Chakwera:He has no genes and political wisdom to inspire oneness
Reverend Chakwera who ran away from pulpit in search for better pasture in politics has spectacularly displayed a wide deficit in having the political stamina needed to build and strengthen a party.

In his time as the leader of opposition, Chakwera has shown every Malawian, willing to know, that he has no genes and political wisdom to inspire oneness. The only thing Chakwera has managed to build in MCP is his own exuberant and fancy mansion which he built at a whopping MK700 million, according to media reports.

In his time as the leader of MCP, Chakwera continues to divide the party through nepotism, favouritism and unceremonious concentration of powers to himself. Chakwera is accused of singlehandedly firing and hiring people on the basis of where they come from. According to MCP regional and district governors, Chakwera discriminates against people who come outside the central region. Reports are awash that he only gives leadership positions to people coming from Lilongwe.

Should he be trusted with a position beyond the one he has, it is obvious Chakwera will turn the country into his personal farm. More so, since losing shamefully in the last tripartite elections, Chakwera has held less than three political rallies in the southern region. On the contrary, the pastor held about 150 political rallies in the central region within a space of three years.


JB:Dumped her own party
The accidental former ruling party has broken the all-time record of being a once ruling party with shortest lifespan of relevancy on a national scene. After the embarrassment the party faced upon the loss of its leader in 2014 tripartite elections, the party was spontaneously hit by a wild mfekane (scattering) as all its heavyweights including Joyce Banda herself dumped the party and distanced themselves from serving it from sinking. Come 2109, it would be too much to expect any miracle for the dying Peoples Party.


The rebuilding of Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) ought to be the good news for our democracy. The party has hope but unfortunately not a future. The problem with Aford is that it represents itself as a political movement of a bunch of disgruntled politicians from the northern region.


President Mutharika Has Shown both maturity and capability to turn around the economic outlook of the country
The ruling DPP is the only party with functioning party infrastructures from across the country. Unlike all other parties, DPP has the President from the south and his vice from the central region. The party also has its Secretary General from the Centre. Further, it is only in the current DPP regime that the leaders of the other two branches of government (legislature and judiciary) are both from the northern region. Further, the party has political heavyweights from across all regions. The party is able to accumulate votes in thousands even in the strongest base of its political rivals. While DPP (and its political ally, UDF) enjoys a massive following of about 99% in the southern region, 50% in the northern and 45% in central region, none of its rivals are able to consistently compete with it from across the regions.

Unity of Purpose
Further, President Mutharika has shown both maturity and capability to turn around the economic outlook of the country. The past three years, he managed to govern without budgetary support. After cashgate, it was very difficult to win donor confidence. However, with IMF and World Bank pledging their budgetary support, Malawians will be emancipated from a ruthless economic dungeon that the PP-led government threw this country into.

For 2019, it is apparent the puzzle of who will make it is easy to solve. (Analysis By Stanley Kanani)

10 Responses to "2019 Is For DPP To Retain Its Smile: Opposition Parties In Leadership Turmoil"

  1. Eliphas Lukhelo   June 18, 2017 at 11:38 am

    The leader who once failed to deliver as a minister in his brother’s government has continued to deliver failure to Malawians. The family and Pilate party had promised to Malawians change within 6months but 2yrs gone the change we can see is killings,cashgate and disturbilising the opposition by divide and rule principal. There was UDF in Malawi it vaporized and you will also end like makatani

  2. Thwinkle   June 18, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Mudzaona 2019 ena akuti DPP abera. Opposition with no stamina and strategy. Akuti kupita kwa a Mia afuna asilamu onse apite ku kongelesi. Asilamu ake ati? Who has a better command on Muslims atcheya ndi a Che Mia? How did PP fail to enjoy majority votes in Lower Shire with Mia there? Koam apa DP idzapita moyerayera. Ndi ma alaince anagati amene DPP yawanyenyanyenya mbuyomu. Inetu ndimangoyang’ana pamene atumbuka amadudulukira MCP. oti mwina ambiri a iwo ndi ana. Achikulireko amadziwa kuti MCP delared kuti kumpoto kuti it’s Dead North. No wonder 1989 anangoti a ku Mpoto nonse kwanu nkwanu. Lero ndi awa che Chakwera asindikiza powapatsa a Msowoya vote of no confidence ndi Mpoto ynse.

  3. Tobias Kalanje   June 18, 2017 at 8:38 pm

    The degree of idiocy in you is worrisome…

  4. Medi Banda   June 19, 2017 at 4:59 am


  5. Jester   June 19, 2017 at 8:06 am

    DPP ndi boma angakhale Atati abele koma akuchitabe bwino, sizingalephele manongonongo or osabela, dziko la Malawi panopa likuchita bwino kumbali ya chitukuko. 2019 I wish DPP kuti iwinenso. Sinkudziwa kuti ikaza kwana nthawi yotulapansi udindo a President anthu, zizakhala bwanji ena amene atazalowewo, chifukwa admn ya a president. AP ilibwino kwambiri He is one of our President of the Republic of Malawi deserve the award of good administration.


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