MCP Followers Unhappy With Chakwera Over Stinginess:We Don’t Have Resources-Jessie Kabwila

MCP Supporters:Say Chakwera Is Very Stingy

MCP Supporters:Say Chakwera Is Very Stingy

Malawi Congress Party has left unimpressive image among followers of the party because of his hard heartedness and stinginess.

Scores of MCP followers interviewed this week revealed that Chakwera is a hard nut and stingy person who does not appreciate the good work done by party zealots.

“This is Malawi where politics of dishing out money cannot and should not be ignored. Let’s call a spade a spade, most of the followers at the grassroots are poor people and they expect something whenever they are engaged in an activity but our president behaves to the contrary. That is not fair,” said one women in Kasungu who said her name was Takondwa Ligome.

Lazarus Chakwera: Accused of Being Stingy

Lazarus Chakwera: Accused of Being Stingy

Another MCP member, Paulo Vincent from Blantyre concurred with Ligome saying Chakwera is living a plastic life as president of the once mighty party with his stinginess.

“Most of the supporters and followers are complaining that there is nothing to suffer for. Most of the youth, for example, have stopped taking part in some activities of the party because they get nothing in return. If he thinks running a party is the same as running a church then he is out of place. In a party a president is supposed to dish out money to motivate supporters. If these small parties can give out money to those that deserve it for doing some work, why not with MCP? He is killing the party,” said Ligome.

Hungry MCP Members Captured At Chakwera's Rally Recently

Hungry MCP Members Captured At Chakwera’s Rally Recently

The people’s sentiments were also corroborated by MCP’s former Central Region Youth Director, Ndekhantani Kalimwendo who described Chakwera as being selfish and stingy.

The disgruntled youth who jumped the ship and joined the ruling Peoples’ Party (PP), made the scathing attack at a political rally in Mponela in Dowa, where he was formally welcomed into PP recently.

Kalimwendo said Chakwera does not have the welfare of even his own party supporters at heart. He claimed that on several occasions the party followers were left to starve after travelling with Chakwera to districts outside central region.

Not Happy With Chakwera

Not Happy With Chakwera

“I remember one time we had a rally in Thyolo and the following morning when Chakwera was approached that people had no food to eat, he literally said they’ve already eaten, when in actual fact the whole group of supporters had not even drunk a bottle of Fanta”, said Kalimwendo.

A Chancellor College based political analyst said Chakwera should practice real politics that is found on the ground if he wants to win in the next year’s elections.

“Trying to bring changes to the political front and bringing new politics of keeping away money or assistance to your followers is simply suicidal. Doing that at this point in time with few months to elections is dangerous. That smart politics can be practiced after 2014 elections. If he has no money, let the party help him. If many followers are not happy, they may decide to leave the party and that is losing votes,” the analyst said.

Jessie Kabwila;We Don't Have Resources

Jessie Kabwila;We Don’t Have Resources

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila said MCP does not believe in handouts and does not have resources to be feeding people during its rallies.

“What our President is now doing is going around the country to find out and see for himself the challenges people are facing. He does not have money like our friends in government who are privileged with cash gate. As MCP we are more concerned with more sustainable ways of uplifting lives of farmers and other vulnerable groups.’

“Our President is not only answerable to himself, but to the entire society. If he starts dishing out money during rallies, where is he getting the money from? ” She said.

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  1. kachikho

    This is not true. Those who want money should just go to parties which stole our taxes that were mentioned in cash gate. They are sitting on billions of stollen money the evil people responsible for the deaths of many Malawians who died in hospitals because money meant to buy medicines was stollen . We want a president who will take Malawians out of poverty to be self reliant and not to continue to be perpetual beggars. Dr Chakwera is a person who is going to do just that. It is a shame to have a country where the majority are beggars

  2. Achi

    Its very unfortunate that the Malawi politics is driven by handouts. This is an evil that Atcheya planted, and it smacks of corruption as it has the power to rob one of their right thinking when it comes to decision making during elections.

    Dr Chakwera I request you to help especially those that support you as you travel across Malawi as this seems to be part of the game. However that does not stop you from formulating a law to ban this evil once in power in May 2014.

  3. Chakwera is glued to the church principles of getting a tenth from christians and not giving to them. Politics does the opposite. Even the church he was presiding on, there was a lot of looting during his tenure may be giving is a very new phenomena to him. No wonder he will always be in the opposition.

  4. namkungwi

    its ashame that in malawi it seems we cant express a point of view withotu balsphemous language!

    a Malawi itis ok to differ in what you think but you dont need to do your best to”kutukwna”. If you kutukwana it simply means you are the savage and you dont know how to express yourself clearly enough so that people get your point of view so they can decide to agree or disagree with you!

    sometime in life you can agree to disagree but there is not time in life when you need to nuse cheap kutukwana type lanhguage. Shame”shame! shame!

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