Total Lies In JB’s Mandela Funeral Speech

Joyce Banda:Wants DPP Gurus To Be Jailed

Joyce Banda:Wants DPP Gurus To Be Jailed

As a Malawian citizen I was shocked to hear Madam president claim the spirit of forgiveness in her speech at Mandela’s funeral which attracted applause from the audience.

Obviously the audience were ignorant of her actions back home when she spoke of good governance , forgiveness and  love all over the speech.

Surely for starters  how can she be flying in a private jet from unknown well wishers if good governance is to be part and parcel of her inner being.

She claimed in her speech that she forgive and work with those who had tried to prevent from becoming first female president in 2012.

Seriously? Is this true ?

Surely we all know that is not true, she has repeatedly said it in her political rallies how bitter she is with those people who allegedly wanted to stop her from becoming president.

And to add to that the people whom she says prevented are facing  treason charges  and could go to prison for life or death sentences if convicted.

So where is the forgiveness she was talking about.

Her speech was in my opinion total hypocrisy and those applauding her were either being courteous or ignorant of the facts.

The didn’t know that death sentences are hanging on Peter Mutharika , Bright Msaka, Goodwell Gondwe, Patricia Kaliati, Kondwani Nankhumwa  and Muhura.

She lied that she was elected first female president. Please why misrepresent the facts deliberately.

Unless you are not in Malawi but am sure in Malawi we have never elected a female president the last elected president was late Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Joyce Banda was elected as vice president.

Total lies and its amazing blue lie in broad day light.

Let our honourable president learn to tell the truth and practice what she preaches.

Because this is not the first time she has lied.

She told the nation to have known who shoot mphwiyo but week later she denied ever saying so.

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  1. Mvithe

    Inu a MCP kodi ndi zoona kuti Mai H E Joyce Banda adaonana ndi Nelson Mandela m’mene adabwera kudzachedza ndi a Ngwazi Dr H K Banda ku Sanjika? Adaonana nawo ngati ndani-nduna, MP kapena a chair a NABW? Zinazi zowawitsa chigwada!

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