President Joyce Banda’s Scheme To Suppress The Truth On Cashgate

Loud And Clear

Loud And Clear

The State President’s recent jubilation over the MK8.7bn grant from the European Union was crafted to create the impression that some of our donors never joined those that decided to withhold aid, or that they have changed their minds regarding the suspension of that aid. If this were true, we would have joined the President in rejoicing over such a development.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and the State President knows it. A simple examination of the purpose for these funds shows the truth of the matter. The EU wants to strengthen the financial management system and fight the plunder of public resources. They don’t want more Cashgates. It was, therefore deceitful for the President to hide this crucial fact in her announcement of the MK8.7bn at Senior Chief Kalumbu’s headquarters on Friday 6 December 2013.

We have also heard with concern the revelations in the media from Africa Check that the President misled the nation on the IMF report. She suppressed many negative facts about the Joyce Banda’s administration in that report when she claimed that IMF was impressed with the state of the economy in Malawi. She bashed the media for reporting that the country was in an economic crisis.

It is most unfortunate that the President is so obsessed with her ill-fated self-righteousness over Cashgate. In her EU and IMF announcements, she is trying to create the impression that donor confidence in her Government has been restored and aid has started flowing in again. This is just an illusion she wants to create and it is sad that she continues to take Malawians for granted as she continues her scheme to cover up and bury Cashgate.

As a God-fearing leader, we want to appeal to the President not to mention God’s name in vain as she often does in public. She cannot hide the truth from God. She will invite greater punishment and suffering if she continues to be a voluntary stranger to the truth in her political pronouncements to the nation and to the world. She has repeatedly told us that God is on her side. However, we know that the truth about Cashgate must be troubling her mind as she continues to try to suppress it. God shall not allow her to manipulate the Cashgate truths for long.

The President should know that by now the public knows exactly what the truth on Cashgate is. She must be naïve to think that all her close associates and insiders are enemies to the Democratic Progressive Party and to the rest of the Opposition. She has been in Government as well as in Opposition long enough to know that there must be Government or Opposition insiders who know the truth on their side and will readily let it out of their chests to the other side so that they can set themselves free.

She once boasted about getting information from DPP Government insiders when she was a marginalized Vice President. She should be assured that the donors, NGOs and certainly the DPP, in the same way know all the inside information on Cashgate and much more from PP insiders.

We are shocked and horrified to read in the media that the investigative report by the National Audit Office dated October 2012 revealed major Police involvement in the Cashgate plunder of public resources. It is therefore infuriating to us that with this information available to her, the President still appointed Mr Bophani as Deputy Inspector General of Police to investigate and prosecute Cashgate and report directly to her leaving the Inspector General of Police aside. If the President did not have this information prior to this appointment then she has failed us on Cashgate. But now that she knows, she must remove the Police from Cashgate investigations and prosecutions. She must allow competent investigators as well as prosecutors to handle Cashgate. The Police cannot investigate and prosecute themselves in this scandal. They will, together with the President turn out to be laughing stocks if they continued to do so.

There are many Cashgate major suspected culprits who have not been arrested or interrogated. None of the Cashgate mansions in Areas 43, 47 and elsewhere, as well as many expensive cars on Capital Hill have been recovered let alone being inspected. Rather, Mr Bophani and his team are busy trying to get Mr Lutepo and Mr Manondo to be state witnesses against Mr Kasambara in the Mphwiyo shooting case. They are also trying to get Mr Gani, the former security guard to Mr Kasambara to implicate his former boss in the same case. All this is, notwithstanding the fact that the State President already had enough information soon after Mphwiyo’s shooting to announce publicly that she knew those who shot Mr Mphwiyo. The President’s scheme to craft a “Mphwiyogate” scandal which will bury or cover up Cashgate is quite clear. However, we want to tell her that the truth shall always triumph in the end.

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  1. Leave this woman cheat. She thinks everything is okey just because she is an interim head of state. No matter what, the truth shall always remain the truth. But wait a minute. Is DPP clean in this cash gate scandal? What I see here is anyani akusekana zikundu. Starting with UDF, DPP and PP none of these parties is worth ruling Malawi as of now. They must remain out of power for another 50 years so that may be the next generation can at least forgive these thieves unknowingly. To avoid all these cash gate scandals, I appeal to all Malawians of good will to vote for Chakwera and MCP if we want the dignity of our country to return.

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