Kunkuyu To Contest In John Tembo’s Constituency – Donates Ambulance

Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu

Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu

Tourism, Wildlife and Culture Minister Moses Kunkuyu has launched a parliamentary seat campaign in John Tembo’s Dedza South Constituency by donating an ambulance to the constituents.

Tembo once complained that Kunkuyu was summoning chiefs in the area to rally against but kunkuyu denied the allegations saying he had no intention to contest in the area.

However last week Kunkuyu bade farewell to his Blantyre City South constituents where he has been member of Parliament (MP) since the 2009 general elections.

Kunkuyu told Dedza South constituenty residents that he has moved from Blantyre City South constituency because he has realised that it is high time he returned to develop his mother’s home

Kunkuyu said: “I have done a lot of developments in Blantyre South Constituency but I thought it is also important for me to help my home district.

“My mother fell sick and died because there was no ambulance to carry her to the hospital. Since her death, I have been concerned about deaths of mothers in our country. But since I don’t have enough resources to help all mothers in the country, I have chosen to donate this ambulance to this constituency.”

Traditional Authority (T/A)Kamenyagwaza said the ambulance has come at a right time and promised Kunkuyu that chiefs will take care of it.

“Chiefs have already formed a committee which will be managing this ambulance. Honourable Kunkuyu wanted to be responsible for fuel expenses of this ambulance, but we have told him that what he has done [to donate the ambulance] is enough, hence chiefs will be contributing money for fuel,” said Kamenyagwaza.

Luckily for Kunkuyu he will  not face JZU this time around as he retired from active politics after falling out with MCP members who refused to change the party’s constitution to allow him run again as president.

8 Comments for “Kunkuyu To Contest In John Tembo’s Constituency – Donates Ambulance”

  1. Ku Bt wathawa chiyani? Zikuchita kuoneka kuti palibe chomwe wachitira anthu aku BT hence he knows they wont vote for him. But unfortunately he has chosen a wrong constituency. No one will vote for him in this area. We want leaders who talk and do development for their areas. Mwathawa kutentha ku BT mukuganiza kuti kothawira ndi ku Dedza. This district is MCP dominated and no one should cheat himself that he’ll compete and and win against an MCP candidate. Ife chipani chathu ndi MCP ndipo preident ndi Dr Chakwera. Go to hell with your cash gate party. We want genuine change and that change will come with MCP.

  2. Kengere Kengere

    Bola ukanapereka 3tonner anthu azinyamulira malonda kupita ku msika nanga ambulance igwira ntchito yanji popedza kuchipatala mankhwala kulibe?

  3. chimbwefu

    ambulance imeneyo wagula ndi ndalama za cash gate, kumoto akuba inu

  4. vingerwa vingerwa

    wadziwa liti kuti ku Dedza kukufunika Ambulance? Amayi ake anamwalira liti?

  5. Mbani

    End of the road

  6. Dedza now is more of MCP than before, Kunkuyu ngati umayesa zamwana udziwaso, someone whom you were not expecting will defeat you, wachita bwino wabwera poyera umufuse Sosten Gwengwe heat yomwe akupezana nayo kumeneku. Cashgate ikuthibulitsani ndipo mulira magazi m’malo mwa misozi. Welcome Kunkuyu to your final political defeat area, ulakalaka amayi atakwera pamutu kukuchitira campaign uwonanso.

  7. Nothando Chisoso

    Mafumu ake ati omwe azitsila fuel zamabodza! ndipo mzipatala ogwila ntchito sakulipidwa akapeza ndani komanso kulibe mankhwala ndiye azipita kukatani. Cheap propaganda osamanamizila ambulansi

  8. If a member of Cabinet of the same Government that is failing to resource its functions then we don’t have a Government and somewhere Government resources are being plundered. Why is he financing duties that were supposed to be performed by the Government. What he could do is to advocate for more resources to finance all needy health facilities in the country.

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