DPP Aspirant In Mulanje Bale Under Fire For Distributing Drugs Without License

DPP-MaizeDemocratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspiring Member of Parliament has come under fire for distributing drugs together with his brother as part of campaign to win primaries.

The aspirant, Victor Musowa with his brother Fedson distributed the drugs to people of Chikwawa village in the area of chief Chikumbu in Mulanje district in Mulanje Bale constituency.

Village headman Chikwawa confirmed his people received drugs and said some just got the drugs although they were not sick.

Mulanje district health official disclosed that the aspirant and his brother flouted laws and procedures because the brother, Fedson, though with medical background and has a clinic, does not have a mobile clinic license and that the distribution of the drugs was done without the consent of the DHO.

“It is wrong to distribute drugs without getting clearance from the DHO. It is also wrong to distribute drugs without diagnosing the people and prescribing the drugs. This is what happened there according to our findings. This guy with a medical clinic will receive the right treatment as we are still investigating the matter,” the official said.

Member of Parliament for the area David Luka also confirmed the distribution of the drugs.

“I am making efforts to see how government will help us because that puts lives of innocent people to risk,” said Luka.

Victor Musowa also confirmed the distribution of the drugs but said it was his brother who was doing outreach activity in the area. Musowa claimed that it was the current MP who was tarnishing his image but Luka said Musowa is using cheap and dangerous politics that can kill people.

3 Comments for “DPP Aspirant In Mulanje Bale Under Fire For Distributing Drugs Without License”

  1. Khadikhwe

    Iiii abale strategy iyi njovuta zedi. Ngati afuna chipatala chakecho chikhale chaulere basi osati kumangotapa mankhwala nkumapasa anthu

  2. Frank bowa

    Where did he get the drugs?? The law should take its course,such people are not needed in our society

  3. a DPP ndi akuba, kaya ma drug amenewa ndiye anakaba kuti?

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