Chikaonda Is Deliberately Misleading The Public On Cashgate-DPP

Chikaonda: Misleading The Nation On Cash-gate

Chikaonda: Misleading The Nation On Cash-gate

With all due respect to Prof Chikaonda, we disagree with him and submit that there was no Cashgate in 2005 and he knows it. By Capital Hill Cashgate, he knows that we mean the direct plunder of Malawi tax payer’s money by civil servants and Government or ruling party (Peoples Party) officials. We are talking about specially selected private companies who received millions, even billions of Kwachas from Government for no work done and sharing such monies with authorities in Government and in the ruling party.

There are also the culprits in this saga who have been caught hiding huge sums of money in their cars, houses, and secret bank accounts. We mean the plunder of public resources to the extent of having Government national coffers dry with the consequent inability to buy hospital drugs and supplies, to pay health workers and teachers among other things.

There were absolutely none of these events in 2005 or shortly thereafter. There were no companies which got huge sums of money for no work done and sharing the money with Government authorities. Unless Prof Chikaonda is using a different definition of Cashgate, which he should give us, he is deliberately misleading the Malawi nation and international community by saying that Cashgate started in 2005. We challenge him and have repeatedly challenged anyone else to come up with evidence for Cashgate at that time. The new Democratic Progressive Party would be the first one to deal with any culprits for such Cashgate if they belonged to us and were exposed. But up to now such evidence is not coming from the Police, the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Financial Intelligence Unit, or any other law enforcement authority.

In any case, everyone must remember how shattered the Malawi economy was by the end of the UDF regime in 2004. Prof Chikaonda was Minister of Finance and Reserve Bank Governor during part of that time. These are very key positions in the economy of any country.

The UDF Government could not balance the budget. There was no fiscal discipline. The donor confidence had been lost. Some aid from donors had stopped coming into the country. The economic growth rate had gone down, at times into negative growth rates. That is why the International Monetary Fund (IMF) brought in Expenditure Limits and Cash Budget system in order to help sort out the economic mess. Banks found it difficult to honour Government cheques.

Soon after the DPP took power, essentially in 2004, the economy started to pick up. Donor confidence was restored. The same IMF recommended the removal of those Expenditure Limits, banks were asked to honor Government cheques, Cash budget system was abandoned, and IFMIS was introduced. The DPP Government made these innovations in collaboration with the IMF.
There was fiscal discipline. The economy grew, hitting as high as 9.7% annually at some point. For some time, it was the fastest growing economy in Africa and second to Qatar in the world. We achieved HIPIC status in a very short time. There were drugs in hospitals and we began to have prolonged surplus of food in the country. There were so many other positive attributes to our economy from international experts who knew what they were talking about.

Major infrastructure developments such as Kamphata/Nkhoma Road, Mponela/Ntchisi Road and others were carried out using local resources. Previously, such developments always fully depended on donor funding.

If there was Cashgate in 2005, or shortly thereafter as we know it in the PP’s Government, such achievements could not have been possible at all. These achievements were done under the same Ifmis which is being blamed now. This is a clear indication that no matter how faulty the Ifmis may have been, it is not that faulty system that plundered Cashgate money, it is thieves in Government that did so. It is not the removal of Expenditure Limits, or the requirement for banks to honour Government cheques that stole MK2.6bn from OPC or MK5.7bn from the Ministry of Tourism. It is the state-sponsored looters that did so. Unless the accusers of previous regimes can show us evidence of Cashgate looting directly from Treasury, Ifmis clearly worked for DPP in the sense that there was no Cashgate at that time.

There are many who are supporting President Joyce Banda in her attempts to divert the attention of the public from PP’s Cashgate to DPP and other previous Governments past performances because they have big carrots dangling in front of them. We hope that Prof Chikaonda is not one of those who are seeing such big carrots in front. We respect him. He has too much integrity which he cannot allow to be shattered in these ill-fated Cashgate cover-up schemes.

Dr Jean A Kalilani, MP
Secretary General
Democratic Progressive Party

8 Comments for “Chikaonda Is Deliberately Misleading The Public On Cashgate-DPP”

  1. Scoobydoo

    Fuck you all saying rubbish about CHIKAONDA. Ma jealous basi !!!!

  2. Lusubilo CHAKANIZA

    Mathews my lover , why sink so low on this important national issue? I know you are very close to Joyce and you support her and PP 150%. You even have forced your good wife violet to stand for PP in Zomba. You have disappointed me. Why are you being sopilitical ? Anyway, stand the heat. When are we meeting for an end of the year hardcore….as you like it . I miss you …….


  4. nambewe

    we wont solve our problems if our country continues to be lied to! where ver those lies come from! they must stop!

    Honesty, interity! transparency and a desire to develop the nation is what is needed. There is no room for Cashgate!We want all this resolved and let the truth be told what ever it is!

    ANYBODY involved in cashgate must be tried fairly and punished accordingly!

  5. zingwe

    I am very much disappointed a Prof Chikaonda talking like that on cash gate issue, alidi ndi Chikaloti mkamwa

  6. Koma Kumeneko

    Thats why malawi will not develop educated malawians are not patriotic, people who supposed to say the truth are bought to to tell lies this hon Chikaonda would be the last person to back the govt /pp on this issue, cash gate is the same as killing poor malawians the problem is those failing to run this small country force themself on malawians as if nobody else is brave enough to lead this nation to prosperity. This nation is very small and lucky enough its citizens are very humble not difficult to govern, if we can have a president like Kamuzu or the Bingu wa first term for fifteen years malawin cannot be the same, look what is happening now is completely duplicate of Muluzi regime, you at our roads even M1 has portholes and is becoming one lane road its like chiswe chadyako mmbalimu, God have mercy with us malawians. Chimanga chawola kuma silos munakachitaya kuti tichiwone please eish! basi ndasiya zimandimvetsa chisoni, lemelani komamusayiwalenazo anthu anu please chonde. UDF = PP, yet DPP pang’ono zimafananako ndi MCP pazachitukuko amakhala ngati kamtima kachitukuko amafuna atatengera MCP we can point at few buildings builts but DPP in the first five yrs but mistake done by this party is taking the younger brother of the late president that will cost them elections take my words. The same with UDF si umfumu wa chingoni uwu ayi. Thanks JZU for not taking your relation nor son to lead MCP that may be caqn be a hope of many malawians.

  7. Peter Timo

    Yes I think Chikaonda has had his thoughts said so many times over all administrations but they have not added value to our country. The person he potrays himself must have a huge impact on a small country like Malawi. At first I considered him to be one of the best candidates for presidency in Malawi but believe me, fellow Malawians, he is far from a great leader. During Bingus Zero Deficit, he was all praises for it and likened it to his ten point plan but later during JBs time he wants us to believe Zero Deficit Budget was not appropriate. A doppel ganger!

    Please those of you informed in some area of government, instead of critising past regimes, help current governments achieve plenty for Malawi. We will crap hands for you now, when you only criticize past regimes and offer no tangible solutions, but posterity will judge you harshly!

    Malawi MUST develop. Criticize by doing fellow Malawians. Leaders that spend half their time critising the past on podiums are twice as much not fit to lead a nation in this age. We don’t want Malawi to die twice – past mistakes and failure to manage the present. Surely no leader who is hell bent lamenting of the past has ever anything remarkable for his country. Check history and all leadership.

  8. Rejectedstone

    I think the self claimed proffessor could be the last person to comment on the cash gate. Much as we know that he is a pp sympathiser but is a much failure in what ever he leads. He failed to make use of his ten point plan while he was a Finance Minister in UDF government and Bakili Muluzi saw it wise to fire him meaning that he was empty. Now he wants to potray as he is more wiser than anybody here in Malawi simply because he benefited from the cash gate, what’s nonsense! Fotsek! this is Malawi a Chikaonda and just shut your filthy mouth.

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