Atupele Throws One At JB On Cash Gate: They Should Accept that They have Failed

atupele udfThe UDF presidential aspirant one and only Atupele Austin Muluzi said all pointers indicate that big guns in government are the ones who were operating the cash gate and the president and her cabinet should have surely know of the plunder.

The young Muluzi wondered how only junior clerks are being arrested on the issue where MK2.6 billion is alleged to have gone out without the knowledge of President and her cabinet, the reserve bank.

“All we are hearing is about clerks being arrested. How can MK2.6 billion be lost from government coffers without the knowledge of the president and cabinet, the reserve bank and minister of finance.? We need government and president to accept that they have failed   to manage the public purse.” Said Muluzi at the party’s press briefing

Muluzi added  “ The duty of running the country is with the president and if she didn’t know then what was she doing? If she knew then why was she doing nothing” Queried Muluzi

What we are seeing is that government has engaged in public relations exercise to clean the country’s image “

Indeed the country president has hired a United Kingdom film to help her clean her image on cash gate paying them allegedly over MK130 million.

The company seems to be doing a lot as it is also rumored that  Joyce Banda’s speech at mandela funeral was written by them of which some people say it contained lies.

However despite the image enhancing exercise back home all fingers are pointing at Joyce Banda as the master minder of cash even though she has repeatedly said she is fighting against corruption.

Secretary for Lilongwe Archdiocese Catholic Commission For Justice and Peace (CCJP) peter Chinoko told the Public Accounts Committee that President Banda was the main player in the cash gate scandal.

HE also alleged that former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo shooting was connected to cash gate as he also angered the president and her inner circle as it was alleged that he kept MK100 that hew was supposed to deliver to the state house.

Peoples party through government have threatened to sue Chinoko on his claims saying he has hidden agenda

However UDF say the want a clear articulation of the cash gate problem and a revised budget that reflects the expenditure cuts as well as measures to cushion ordinary citizens from the effects of the budgetary realignment in light of a declining revenue base.

It is doubtful if government will really do anything on the issue as the finance minister announced new measures that included travel ban as the donors demanded action as they froze aid .

But the president openly declared than no one can stop her from traveling and just to add to that she has been using a private jet she claims to be paid by well wishers.

She used it on her trip to Nigerian, She used it on her trip to Mandela’s memorial service, to Nairobi , DRC , back to Malawi and finally to and from Mandela’s Funeral where she had to deliver her speech.

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  1. nankungwi

    Having a plane for the president is part of managing this job more efficiently, it is not just ‘manyado’ ai so now she is finding out! I thought she said she is used to travelling by matola what has chnged now?

    Her behgaviour is almost childishly dangerous this woman! the priavte jet i sbound to cost more money than the one the country owned.What is austrty about that?

    Malawi is in trouble! this woman is about protecting herself in this job and not about looking after Malwians. What she is doing is equal to killing poor Malwians to keep her job!Malawi belongs to these poor people we cant have a president to pretends to care about them!

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