Press Statement on The Shooting of Budget Director Paul Mphiyo: Joyce Banda Horrified

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The President, Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda and her Government are deeply appalled and horrified with the barbaric and targeted shooting of the Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Paul Mphwiyo, on Friday night as he was getting into his residence.
Mr. Mphwiyo was severely wounded from the shooting and was evacuated by Government and is presently in hospital in South Africa in a critical but stable condition. Government wishes to assure Mr. Mphwiyo’s family and the whole nation that it will do everything in its power to save the life of the Budget Director.
The Government wishes to assure the public that the police and other law enforcement agencies are
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working around the clock to apprehend and bring to book perpetrators of this heinous crime.
The Government wishes to notify the public that it strongly believes that Mr Mphwiyo’s shooting was not just any other robbery but a planned and targeted attack aimed at silencing him and the Government in the fight against high levels of corruption and fraud.
Furthermore, the Government wishes to assure all officers in the Malawi Public Service and Malawians in general that it will do its utmost to provide adequate security to those assisting the Government to fight corruption and fraud.
The President and the Government therefore wish to assure all Malawians that the fight against corruption and organised fraud in Government, which had become entrenched in the past years, will in no way be deterred by this shooting but it will be sustained to ensure that these evils are rooted out of the Government and the nation at large.
Office the President and Cabinet
15th September, 2013
01 789 311

8 Comments for “Press Statement on The Shooting of Budget Director Paul Mphiyo: Joyce Banda Horrified”

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  2. zitsiru inu mwaona zachitikira inu galu nde muziti muthana ndi wa corruption mitu yanu ndipo mumangonena zinthu zaipa za Bingu atakunenerani anthu akwanu omwe anamwalira musangalala Mulungu adalitse boma lanuli.

  3. JB usandiseketse. Are you clean yourself? Then tell your stupid bastard Roy Kachale Banda to stop harrasing the Ministry of education. Roy Kachale is forcing the Ministry of education to award him contract to construct girls hostels. JB usandikwiyitse wamva

  4. VYOTO


  5. Mnkhoma

    Our government is full of face-serving than being serious on issues. For how long have the public been crying of lack of security? How on earth can a government keep persecuting its own policemen, jailing and threatening them can it expect maximum security in a country? You are deceived madam president. Democracy does not mean keeping things most open and lose but ruling through integrity, truthfulness, honesty, inclusion and not only self-security and practices of injustice, discrimination and lack of collective action. The public is suffering with these ruthless attacks every day. But the JB administration keeps feeding the international community with information as if everything is very well with the Malawian citizenry. Lock up the lose ends authorities. Stop unlocking everything pretending to be the most democratic on earth more than things are in the US the mother of the so called modern democracy although it is not there.. There are things no matter what need to be strongly locked. God rescue Malawi..

  6. nambewe from Malawi

    Komatu zafika pakuti zingosanjikan. The trouble Mai is ukakhla mtsogoleri umayenera kukhala wa chitsanzo kwa anthu. Ask yourself why secirty has gone from thi country? ask yourself why corruption is rampant ion this peaceful country?

    The thing I find most frustarting about you Joyce is that you say things nicely and they are to hear but you dont do what you say. Yes lets fight corruption in Malawi but make sure this applies to all of us!

    Control your thugs woman they are destroying the country!

  7. chapaphwisi

    Stupid president, kodi iwe sindiye ulipatsogolop kuba, ndi kachali wakowo, how can u become bilionaires just over night? Matruck akhala akulowawa ukuwona ngati sitikukuwona? Where do u get all that money? Stupid corrupted woman, then you talk shit that you will deal with any one doing corruption, how could u? Yet u r one of them, osamatipusitsa, PP government ndi mbava zokhakha, ndindani unachotsapo pa PP Boma lako kuti ndiwakuba? No one, ndiye corruption yoseyo iwe suwona? achifwambawo agwidwe ndithu, adzanena kuti inu nomwe app ndi amene munawatuma, tikakamba za security ndiye ndi mbili yakale, boma la pasiwa, la ntchembele Joyce, chitetezo chinapita kalekale, mawa ndiwe chitsilu, Uladi Musa amadziwa chanu za Police? Civilian wachabechabe, mphunzitsi wa madalasi, chaka chamasiwa wautali, nthawi yodikila pasiwa ikutha, we need things to be back to normal, not pple beeng short at their own gate, that is nonses, it wasnt like that past year.

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