Malawi Opposition Tells Finance Minister To Be Serious: ” We are Not Your Children Neither Are You Here to Recite Poetry”

Njobvuyalema: Lipenga, We  Are Not Your Children

Njobvuyalema: Lipenga, We Are Not Your Children

Malawi’s opposition parliamentarians have accused Finance Minister Ken Lipenga of taking business in the chamber “casually”.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) parliamentarian for Thyolo Thava Lifred Nawena said Lipenga has always been lacking sincerity in his approach to the business in the house.

Lifred Nawena: Lipenga Is Lacking Seriousness

Lifred Nawena: Lipenga Is Lacking Seriousness

Nawena’s ‘observation’ was also shared by United Democratic Front (UDF) chief whip Clement Chiwaya who said Lipenga is lacking seriousness the parliamentary business deserves and is taking “things casually”.

Taking his turn, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) chief whip Joseph Njobvuyalema advised Lipenga to avoid approaching parliamentary business the way he approaches poetry.

Said Njobvuyalema: “May the honourable Finance Minister stop handling issues here as if he is doing his poetry or drama, after all we are not his children.”

Ken Lipenga:When I'm Smiling  When Speaking Does Not Mean I'm Not Serious

Ken Lipenga:When Speaking While Smiling Does Not Mean I’m Not Serious

But in response, Lipenga said: “When I am speaking or responding to queries while I am smiling, does not mean that I am taking things casually.”

Ken Lipenga is one of Malawi’s highly respected poet, writer and linguist.

8 Comments for “Malawi Opposition Tells Finance Minister To Be Serious: ” We are Not Your Children Neither Are You Here to Recite Poetry””

  1. aricho

    Chamba chimampweteka mfanayu

  2. Five Moba

    Thats what he knows, not runing finance ministry, kukamwa kungokhaladi ngati Joe Gwalada yemweyo, mutu wako gang’a

  3. Mikwanda

    Why I think Malawians are dunderheads: they keep referring to this man as a poet and linguist, when he has attempted to correct them time and time again.

  4. Mamwene nanu! Kumangosekelela zilizonse? Have you forgotten about non-verbal communication? Mubwele mubweleke module ya English 102.

  5. Ken then stop smiling and be serious. I was once a teacher and immediately I asked a student to respond to my questions then the student starts smiling I knew he/she had no good answer but wanted to trick me with the smile. I could not fall in that trap so silly. Be serious as finance minister and take your peers in parliament seriously. No monkey tricks in front of serious business

  6. Mwenemutapa

    Koma nfana Lipengayu bwenzi akubisako mano pang’ono. Mapwiya moophiya eti?

  7. Mufwa Mkandawire

    Munthu uyu ndi Mulhomwe nzanga. Koma anazolowere drama ya mkalasi pa chanco. Akutenga parliament ngati akusewera ndi ana a sukulu popanga poetry and/or drama.

    He does not deserve to be a minister of finance. This ministry is too bulky for him as a linguistic. Please find a suitable minister.

  8. Gonya

    Kukamwa ngati Joe Gwalidi

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