Dreaming In Colour: Atupele Promises 500,000 New Jobs Within 5 Years, Free Secondary Education

Atupele Arriving In Lilongwe

Atupele Arriving At Area 24 In Lilongwe

UDF’s 2014 presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi has promised to create over 500,000 new jobs once his yellow family takes over government.

Speaking at a mass rally held at Area 24 in Lilongwe, the young Muluzi said he was optimistic that UDF will take over government come 2014.

Muluzi also promised that secondary education will be for free on top of putting in place viable structures that will elevate quality education in the country.

Atupele's Yellow Camp At Are 24

Atupele’s Yellow Camp At Are 24

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow

27 Comments for “Dreaming In Colour: Atupele Promises 500,000 New Jobs Within 5 Years, Free Secondary Education”

  1. Wambewu

    hahahahaha, free primary is troubling us, what do you think of free Secondary education? nothing good over this poor ideas.

    Leave this kind of lesadership to mature people like Peter the Prof. We all know you are better than This Hilda of ours but Peter is Best among all of you.

    You are indeed a kid and thats what we have experienced already through your poor ideas.

  2. There are so many simple ways of creating jobs in Malawi and creating half a million jobs in 5 years is not something impossible. How many jobs can be created through the Green Belt Initiative alone? If the Public Works Programme can be well managed it can also create more jobs. The list is endless rest I start creating the jobs on behalf of Atupele. All I am saying here is that everything is possible so long there is no corruption in the government system! More than two thirds of government resources ends up in wrong hands and this is why we are poor and see it impossible to create jobs. I am so sure even the mandasi jobs a little bit polished with so much value addition can as well be viable. Do not look at jobs as only large-or medium-scale but also small scale. Recent studies have shown that Small and Medium Enterprises are capable of achieving what Atupele is talking about and Chancellor Kaferapanjira is witness to this! Malawians, due to low IQ and compromised educational levels think in the left rather than the right direction hence see no sense in AAM. All I am saying as a nation, together we can make it but divided as we are even the simplest activity we can not achieve. Let the young Muluzi do his job and will be assessed accordingly. On the other hand, I rthink it is illogical to equate two different people as having the same way of doing things. Not all sons or daughters of reverends, sheikhs, etc etc will become men or daughters of God. Some will become theives, prostitutes etc etc so AAM and BM are different so is APM and Bingu. All I am seeing in this race are Malawians competing that’s all regardless of where they are coming and who they are. A nation that thinks about where and what type of people are competing can not prosper. It is the quality of a leader that matters. I like the fact that secondary education is 95 percent is subsidized in Malawi and going by this statistic, then it is easy for free secondary education to be introduced in Malawi. It is not the free part which is important in promoting quality education but the infrastructure associated with the new invention. Employ qualified teachers; build more schools with every thing like text books, desks, lab equipment and above all good monitoring mechanisms to support such infrastrucure. We have seen Malawi improving her food basket with free or highly subsidized farm input programme so whats wrong with free secondary school education? It can work so long all the malawians without fear or favour and jealousy can work together. It all begins with unity of purpose and not greed! Regarding free health care, I will say this! It works only that corruption by top most politicians and health officials is the key distractor to success of free health care in Malawi. It is time Malawians joined hands and worked together to achieve some of these things we think we can not achieve but with unity we can. Lret those who want to lead come forward without disruption by onlookers who are bent at always mocking the brave ones using past backgrounds which are not their but relatives, friends or enemies!

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