When Maize Becomes Precious Gold:50Kg Now Going At K11,000

Waiting For Maize In Vain At Lilongwe Admarc

Waiting For Maize In Vain At Lilongwe Admarc

Maize has become a precious metal of sorts requiring one to dig in to get it in a country that prides to have plenty of it in the reserves.

On the private market, the price of the staple grain has gone beyond the roof costing about K11,000 per 50 kg bag and therefore inaccessible to many Malawians who live on less than K370 per day.

The next destination has been Admarc depots where the prices are low, making the maize affordable. But then the challenge is that Admarc depots have been rationing the maize. That is if they have it. But with nowhere else to go, people have to queue at the depots for as long as it takes. This is the line of people waiting for their turn at Lilongwe Admarc in a picture taken on Monday-Picture by JACOB NANKHONYA, DailyTimes.

5 Comments for “When Maize Becomes Precious Gold:50Kg Now Going At K11,000”

  1. Ngozi

    Where is joice the noise maker, the traveler, the liar olilila galimoto ya hammer.How countries will you travel before you start working for poor malawian?Bwanji kudikiza, dyera basi.This is purely joice own making

  2. Five Moba

    Boma lambuzi ilo!!!

  3. Darkest hour comes before dawn. It won’t be long before we start eating maize from our gardens. Then the vendors will have no one to milk.

  4. Gowa c

    If we got maize why cant jb order masive distribution.jb is acting so weak.ppo are facing so many problems.

  5. FG

    Too bad for PP!

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