Day Light Robbery: Ralph Kasambara Pays Himself and His Boys MK20 Million In Compensation

Mr kasambara with colleagues soon after being released

The Attorney General and Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara and his five accomplices are to be paid Mk20 million of tax payers money in damages, apparently for false imprisonment.

The other five include  Brian Magoya, Arthur Chikankheni, Ali Kaka, Mayamiko Kadango and Patrick Gadama.

This came about after a mutual consent by both parties between  government and Ralph Kasambara’s law firm.

Ironically government is also being represented by the Attorney General who also just happens to be Ralph Kasambara.

This was indicated in a consent order, dated 30 July 2012 by a lawyer from Ralph and Arnold’s Associates, Attorney general, Ralph Kasambara and deputy registrar of high court of Malawi, Nyakwawa usiwasiwa.

The consent was arrived at as a condition for withdraw of a contempt of court lawsuit which Kasambara and his friends field against top police officers for denying a court bail and release oder  that demanded their immediate release.

The damages and party cost are here by mutually consensually agreed at a total sum of MK20, 000,000.00”  read part of the order

More interestingly, the order says the office  of the Attorney General who also happens to be headed by Ralph Kasambara  shall see to it that the money is paid out.

that damages for false imprisonment and party cost for the above listed actions are payable by the attorney General” reads the order.

Police arrested Ralph Kasambara when some three men were seriously injured after being tortured by Mr Kasambara’s men under his order.

According to Mr Kasmabara then, the three were  suspected  to have been sent to petrol bomb his office.

However in Malawi,  it is illegal  to  take the law in your own hands and seriously injured a suspect.

one of the men Kasambara’s men assaulted

Just like any law breaker, Mr Kasambara and his friends were arrested on abetting charges but the issue was dramatically escalated politically  by his other friends (well wishers ) and opponents of then president Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Mr Kasmabara managed to obtain bail papers quickly with his lawyer Wapona Kitta when the judiciary in the country was on strike. This led the police to start investigation as they suspected corrupt acts to have taken place.

Kasambara’s Victims

Mr Kasambara was later released on bail from a hospital bed at Mwaiwathu after he had fallen ill while in police custody.

Kasambara’s friend Shepher Mumba was also arrested for false pretence when he singed the release oder at the prison  where kasambara was being kept.

However soon after Joyce Banada ascending into power, Mr Kasambara was appointed attorney general and justice minister despite having a court case against him.

Dramatically the case has ended up with Mr Kasambara and his friends getting paid Mk20 million in compensation and shepherd Mumba’s case has also died as the state failed to show up at the court.

Commentators have voiced out concerns over Mr Kasambaras conflicting positions , and recent development will continue to emphasize people’s concerns.

President Joyce Banda also appointed Atupele Muluzi, Casim Chilupha who also had court cases which clearly undermined the legal system of the country

Kasambara in a min convoy as a hero from Prison

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  1. Nambewe

    I wonder why kasambara’s stories always take priority on your page,seriously it shows how intelligent this man is,don’t you have real stuff to focus on than to give this man more fame????

  2. Proudly Lhomwe

    John Kapito and Loti Dzonzi are the only hope and voice of reason, please Mr. Kapito take up this issue head on. We cant just be paying taxes for a few to share, its unfortunate, immoral and unthinkable!

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