It was A Bees Bye For Clinton At Kamuzu International Airport

It was a bees goodbye for United States Secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Sunday afternoon  in the capital as bees  thronged Kamuzu International Airport when she was about to leave the country.

The bees caused panic among the Americans and some government officials as the US envoy left the country.

This forced Mrs. Clinton to quickly board her plane to avoid any bee stings. At exactly, 16:39 the plane carrying Mrs. Clinton left Kamuzu International Airport for South Africa.

However it was a memorable visit for the Malawi which is also seen a s a vote of confidence for president Joyce Banda.

During her visit Mrs Clinton hailed Malawi for its smooth transition of power after the death of president Bingu Wa Mutharika.

She also held talks with President Banda and visited two projects being championed by the US government.

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