Prison Authorities Still Mum on Macholowe’s Whereabouts Following JB Pardon, Cover Up Murder of Some Prisoners During Fracas

Zomba Maximum Security Prison officials are still mum on speculations spreading like bush fire that notorious criminal and murderer Clive Macholowe was part of the list of 377 prisoners pardoned by Joyce Banda.

According to our investigator who visited the Prison, authorities are tight lipped on the issue.

The prison authorities have also refused to grant tens of curious journalists, and lawyers an audience with Macholowe at the prison.

“If Macholowe is still in the prison, why are they not allowing us to see him,” wondered our investigator.

Prisoners even in solitary confinement are still allowed access to a doctor, pastor, journalist and lawyer.

The Joyce Banda regime has received heavy criticism when it was exposed that it had released two dangerous murderers as part of Malawi’s independent celebrations.

A fracas ensured at the prison in which 20 prisoners were injured, three killed and 7 escaped.

The prison authorities have refused to show Macholowe to the public as proof he is still locked up and that Joyce Banda did not pardon him.

Macholowe is said to be a dangerous criminal who presided over a string of bank robberies and murdered a police officer at one time.

In a related development, Zomba maximum Prison authorities are reported to have covered up the murders of some prisoners during the fracas that started when Joyce Banda pardoned two dangerous criminals and murderers.

According to investigations by ZBS, some people have reported that they are missing their relatives who were locked up.

People are being turned back when they go to see their relatives. What is that? Where are their relatives? Something is being covered up” said our source from ZBS.

Speculation has grown that over 10 prisoners were killed by warders on instruction from he Joyce Banda government when the fracas began.

They are alleged to have been buried in a mass grave somewhere in Zomba.

Malawi Voice is still digging in the story and will keep readers posted.

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  1. Jb wayamba kutasa tithana nawe uona. Ukanamufusa mapuya mulupale uja

  2. A jb mwayamba kale zimenezi?. Tikumatcha uona mapuya mulupale ukanamufusa bho bho

  3. abetha

    This reminds me of how I lost my father. It was during Kamuzu’s era. I was 14 years old. I remember visiting my dad alone at Zomba Maximum prison. After talking to him for some minutes prision warders pushed him away.

    A few days later a policeman came cycling to our village asking for my father’s uncle, and broke the news to us that my father had died and was buried.

    The story was that after assesing him, they transfered him from Zomba Miximum Prision where I had visited him, to Zomba Mental Hospital as a patient. While there a fellow patient struck him in the head with a metal bar and my father bled to death. He was buried by prisoners.

    My relatives and I travelled to Zomba where we were shown a fresh grave where my father was buried. What bothers me today is why his body was not given to us to bury him? Why was he buried by prisioners like he had no family and children?

    In 2004 I travelled to Malawi from diaspora with the intention of making a fitting tombstone to my father so that his grandchildren should know where he is resting. The Zomba Mental Hospital staff gave me someone, old serving member who knew of some graves. When we went there I could not identify my father’s grave as there were many unmarked graves. Sadly I left.

    So I know there are two sites where people are buried including those who died by hanging. Mass graves exist somewhere nearZomba Mental Hospital.

  4. Wawa

    Eeeeeee! Etueee ndi mmene bomb limayendera a Nyasatimes Asiya kunena zoona zayamba kuwakulira tsopano tatiyeni nazo tizione tili limodzi zimenezi. Keep it up Malawi Voice.

  5. XYZ

    Jezebel Joyce Banda,one mistake after another.If you have released Macholowe,we will see each other come 2014.

    Malawians wake up,this is not a government to trust.

  6. madzi James

    I did not know that there is Malawi Voice. You are great. Keep it up.

  7. okhudzidwa

    keep it up and keep us informed. bravo malawi voice. you are the voice. i cant wait to hear the full story as issues keep on coming.

  8. Chembwiye

    I thought Macholowe was transfered to Chichiri some time back, so why looking for him at Zomba?

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