Elvis Kafoteka Refutes Blue Elephant Sex Scandal

Malawi national team right back Elvis Kafoteka has distanced himself from the sex scandal involving his other two prominent counterparts and a Chirimba based teenager Cinnah Mawimba.

On Sunday, Malawi Voice reported that it captured Flames’ vice captain Joseph Kamwendo, Chiukepo Msowoya and Kafoteka in a tirade over Cinnah at the Blue Elephant Night Club in Blantyre during the DJ Malick’s pre-Big Brother Africa show.

But reacting, Kafoteka distanced himself from the development claiming he has never gone out for the past three weeks.

“Good morning Ada, I have called to inform you that the story your publication has written is not true. I’m ready to come and pick you up, so that we can go to Blue Elephant if I have been there for the past three weeks. All this long, I have been home and never went out. I didn’t fight with neither Joseph nor Chiukepo.

 ”I even don’t know that girl and I even don’t know where this story is coming from. The last time, I saw Chiukepo was at Kamuzu Stadium during the Flames/Chad game and that Friday, I was home waiting to watch Wanderers game,” he said.

According to the article, initially the girl belongs to Chiukepo but on the material night she was in the company of Kamwendo, a development which irked Chiukepo, who was within the premises of the drinking joint.

Chiukepo then started throwing verbal missiles at his captain and manhandling the girl, to the extent of sustaining nose and mouth bleeding.

And to stamp his authority on Cinnah, Chiukepo shoveled her into his car and violently bonked in the full view of Kamwendo and other friends.

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  1. Hudson otwanima

    @ kai,the girl is not 16 as they are saying,she is 24,uhule anayambila kalekale,ku michiru view,sweet 16?lol.kuyaluka

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