Obsession Over Bingu’s Ndata House

Bingu’s House

The obsession possessed by some quarters of the Malawian society on Bingu’s Ndata House leaves a sour taste to go without commenting.

There has been strife speculation that Bingu acquired so much worthy whilst he was president and amazingly the civil society are demanding an investigation into Mutharika’s properties, business interests and his financial dealings.

Now folks for a start, these  were mere speculations in the social media like face book, twitter and the like, but now 90 fully fledged NGO’s want to make these speculations official.

The allegations in the social forums were highly over exaggerated including costs for Ndata house as Mk14 billion; 15 bedrooms etc. These amounts quoted even surpassed the newly Chinese funded five star hotel complex currently being built in Lilongwe.

Several questions have arisen to as to the motive of such selective persecution of the fallen leader. Does the civil society really believe that Ndata house has facilities more than a five-star hotel and that it costed more?

Is the civil society really serious to be making demands on such allegations from the social media without any credible evidence?

Will the civil society make similar demands if such rumors emerge again of the new president Joyce Banda or former president Bakili Muluzi?

By probing the fallen leader this will set a precedent and must be followed on anyone regardless political affiliation. Reverend Mac Donald Sembereka of the civil society is on record as saying “We have to know how much one has at the entry point and how much one will have accumulated at the point of exit. We should be able to follow it up on the basis of an informed position” he further said  “We have to know how much Mutharika had and how much he has gone with.”

If this is out goodwill as it is being portrayed why can’t we start with Madam President Banda to ascertain how she has now and also probe Dr Muluzi.

In the same vein there has been speculation in the social media regarding ex President Bakili Muluzi’s deeds and deals during his tenure but nobody has probed that. To ensure fair play, everyone must be probed starting from the Civil Society themselves.

Speaker of Parliament Hon Henry Chimunthu Banda confirmed to Malawi Voice that former President Bingu Wa Mutharika and his entire Cabinet, which included the then vice-president Joyce Banda, now President, declared their wealth soon after 2009 General Elections.

It is therefore surprising to note that more emphasis has been put on president Mutharika’s business deals and wealthy just because of mere speculation in the social network and Ndata house.

One can clearly see that this persecution is purely political and the people pursuing it are purely doing this to embarrass the fallen leader. History reminds us that the fallen leader and the civil society had a cat and mouse relationship with incidents including auditing of the civil societies among others. Is this payback time?

“Section 88(3) of the Constitution makes it clear that the President and members of the Cabinet must declare their assets within three months from the day of election or appointment,” However there is no Act of Parliament to back it up.

When Sembereka was asked if they will make similar demands to the new president he said “we would want to see if she is interested to tell us that in the process she has accumulated additional wealth. But if there are no any additional assets accumulated in the process, we don’t think it’s necessary if she already declared.” This purely shows lack of seriousness with such demands other than pursuing personal hatred to satisfy egoistic craves on the fallen leader.

It would only have made sense if the civil society had concrete evidence that they suspected foul play other than targeting the former president purely out of malice.

Don’t get me wrong but some of the business deals mentioned in the social media were ridiculous.

In my opinion, people are so obsessed with Ndata house that they are willing to go all the way to discredit Mutharika after all the good works he did to the country including food security, infrastructure among the many. It is now becoming apparent that Malawians sometimes don’t appreciate achievements and can go to such length as castigating and putting their selfish desires above the nation’s history.

In this regard, one can probably speculate that the civil society will like to see Dr Bakili Muluzi to go free with his corruption cases just because they think Bingu’s is a bigger fish to catch or literally humiliate him even in his death.

The civil society should be serious and professional with their work other than drawing stories from the social network. Their organizations can investigate and establish the allegations other than relying to rumors on the social network. They carry a huge responsibility to the nation just as the legislators please!

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50 Comments for “Obsession Over Bingu’s Ndata House”

  1. U people are commenting on things that u dont know and maybe u dont live in malawi at all. I am trully malawian and i know bingu thru and thru. The guy had nothing. Yes he worked wherever but he had nothing and it is the zikhale guys that used to even pay for bills for him. Dont talk things that u dont know anything about. Lets investigate and see what really happened. This is our money in any case and we need to know. Some people are saying that all this is to discredit and embarass bingu but the actions of this guy was an embarassement o its own. But our God is a consuming fire.

  2. Mweene

    Pictures of Villa Casablanca (Ndata House) are shown: how about Bakili’s Kapoloma House? Where are the pictures?

  3. jelbin mk

    Mr nyondo i heard u in ur article saying the civil society wants to intiate an investigation without evidence,just by drawing information from social networks,& u were wondering if they will do the same to jb as well if any thing goes wrong.I don’t really understand what u r talking about & don’t know which school did u go to.An investigation is the way to finding evidence u r talking about.Jb will 4sure b questioned 4 any dubious earning that will emerge after her term of office,anyway its too early to talk about that now lets deal with the issue at hand.Don’t sympathise with the man who strongly hated malawians to hell.

  4. concerned citizen

    is dis how malawians think? every original malawian won’t dispute the inquiry unless u r as fake malawian as bingu himself.ignorance has badly striken malawi hence no understanding of articles on internet that r in queen’s lanquage.i’ve never seen the word that indicates a northerner or tumbuka ochestrating this.when did bingu retire frm the ur so called WB & IMF & why did it take him so long to build such amansion.

  5. Hanna you are a POES.

  6. muyambe kaye mwafufuza komwe ndalama zomwe aba atcgeya the mufufuze abingu agalu inu akumpoto vuto lanu ndi chani osamangodya nthochi zophika kikikikiki

  7. wakwithu

    so sad that some people feel that Bingu is being persecuted by Tumbukas.If you follow the story above, Malawi Voice has quoted Reverend Sembereka as a repepresentative of some quarters that would like to see Mutharika’s wealth investigated.Sembereka is not Tumbuka by tribe, he is yao I understand.So, why should it be always felt that Tumbukas have always been fighting Bingu’s regime? In fact the opposite is true.Bingu has always fought Tumbukas disregarding the overwhelming support they gave him when he had torrid times in his first term.That’s the thank you the people of the north have receved from Wamutharika.I would like to remind all Malawian that God reigns and will never want to see some people inflicting pain on others..God has fought for Malawians through removing the prevoius regime.He will continue to do so if oppression reigns again.Stop hating the tumbukas.The isuue of investigating Bingu’s wealth is not a tribal one.It’s all about holding the fallen leader accountable.It’s ndisputable fact that Bingu has stolen from the public purse more than Muluzi and Kamuzu combined.

    • Mulhakho Wa Alhomwe

      ineyo ku Ndatako ndinaka fika and to say the truth Bingu store our money and thats a fact, period, zopusa basi

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