Don’t Sell Our Country Madame President

I left Malawi soon after our newly sworn in lady president had just made a power point presentation press conference. We are indeed in cyber leadership but what caught my attention more were issues that she presented to deal with the urgency of the need to re-establish diplomatic ties with the UK and restoring negotiations with our so called development partners.

Her exellency’s presentation was very captivating and I was also impressed when a prayer at that meeting was offered by Reverend Sembereka.

In the recent past, civil society activism has been a well-paying activity with people even surrendering their priestly gowns to join activism. Now with the economic meltdown in donor countries, activist are now fighting for space on the political arena. I feel it was strategic for Sembereka to recall his priestly gown for this special occasion and the more reason was for him to be visible and make a statement to the new president that he was available for an imminent vacancy that might arise in the presidential advisory office on religious matters and civil society.

People like Black Moses have also been celebrating that they might land big Jobs and Ken Nsonda has already told people in Machinjri that he will be presenting letters of credential as ambassador to one of the SADC countries and I hear some corrupt Indians are coming with various monetary gifts to congratulate the new administration.These are mannas from heaven and who can not celebrate.

Our lady president passionately said that she had pleaded with those people who manage the millennium challenge account to treat the Malawi issue as a special case. I can understand her anxiety because Malawi needs to fix its energy sector and this USD 350m sweepstake will do miracles to the energy sector.

She also expressed that it was a matter of urgency that diplomats need to be exchanged between Britain and Malawi following the deportation of the British ambassador by our late Ngwazi. The British also responded in kind by expelling our innocent ambassador, Flossy Chidyaonga in an act of revenge. Malawians blamed Bingu for the expulsion but saw no fault with Cameron expelling innocent lady, Flossy. Hypocrites. The British could not stand the embarrassment of being expelled by a black man who has lived on their benevolence all these years and with this expulsion came the cutting of all aid by our Big Brother.

I was in Zimbabwe just few days after madame Banda had made her press conference and a story was in the press where one business magnet Philip Chiyangwa had made a business deal worth USD 300m and we have people like Strive Masayiwa of ECONET who are on record to have been involved in business deals running into twelve digits. Yet coming back home a deal of USD 350m is negotiated at presidential level and will set the whole government machinery into motion with exchange of highly powered delegation exchanging visits between Washington and Lilongwe not forgetting the lengthy telephone conversations between the two capitals.

If you take into account all these expenses, you will find out that the deal is not worth our efforts. It seems Malawians are so obsessed with donors.This money would have been given to us over a period of five years and given the population of Malawi which stands at 15 million, that means each person would get USD 25 divided into 5years means 5 USD per year.But since this is project money, it would have indeed helped all of us if it was to be given to us as a lamp sum. Let Mulli Brother negotiate for these peanuts.

Since I have been away, there were two things that were supposed to happen on Friday – one, the swearing-in of the youthful VP and according to her power point press conference , she would meet with donor representatives. I did not get what transpired because these days, news bulletins at MBC are now brief as everybody at MBC is struggling not to be misquoted lest they meet the fate of Bright Malopa. The coming in of the new adminstration has made people mum at MBC and their pens have frozen. With this silence on what transpired, my fear is that what transpired at these discussions was too sensitive to be brought to the public. Most of us know that these donors have stupid ideas attached to their aid like issues to do with minority rights whose right term is homosexuality and also dear to their heart is that the Malawi Kwacha should be a useless paper.They say we should repeal bad laws because such laws were not made and approved by them. I hope we have not fallen into a trap of neo- colonialism where our economy and our laws will be controlled and made by imperialists.

Now madame president, since your new press officer wants to restrict journalist from asking more and more questions, can you give us a brief of what happened? We know you believe in freedom of the press and would not like to see Govati gag reporters as she has done in all press conferences that you have held.That has been a very bad start for her. We know you are about to repeal bad laws and please advise Govati to let reporters ask whatever question they want without being told to restrict to the president’s speech.You have a team of young Turks like Moses Kunkuyu and the over recycles Benson Tembo who should give us proper information about what you have achieved so far and give us follow up updates. We want to see you do things differently and transparently. By the way was the IG appointment vetted by Parliament. This reminds me of the Nangwale issue where I saw you madame trying to plead with the opposition or have things changed on such appointments.

There are indeed some stupid Malawians who scrambled for radio space to offer condolence and yet the manner and the tone betrayed them because it was coated in celebration mood. Bingu is gone. The man who stood in their way of progress of trying to mortgage our sovereign state to the white man where he will make laws for us and tell us what policies are workable for our economy.Extreme Suffering of the African People and yet they call their policies Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes.

It is indeed a tragedy that we live in Malawi where our political,social and economic destiny will be controlled in europe yet we claim to be sovereign state and the current regime sees the death of Bingu as an opportunity to bring back donor dependency. The nurses association , Health Equity Network and of course the all wise Livingstonia Synod were quoted in the media expressing hope that the aid taps will be restored. It seems our conscience is in the intensive care unit and we seem to have forgotten why our forefathers had to shed blood for our land. The spirit of pan africanism as advanced by people like Kwame Nkruma, Julius Nyerere is gradually being eroded since we are so desperate.

Our destiny, our culture and our economy will be controlled by the white man and we are soon going to be made surbodinates in exchange for a few pieces of silver. They will control our politics, laws and emotions. Only a few years ago, these white imperialist were singing all praises of Bingu and they said our economy was the fastest growing economy coming after Qatar and we fell for that flattery and suddenly the same imperialist after sitting in their air-conditioned boardrooms have decided to call us a failed state going in the same direction like Zimbabwe without the rule of law and with economic mismanagement.They have enlisted the services of the so called civil society as cohorts to tell people that Bingu was a bad man. These cohorts will have to stop the african dream as advanced by Bingu and his demise seems to be a blessing in disguise to them. Bingu wanted to extricate us from the syndrome of dependency and with that comes suffering and Malawians were not ready to suffer and the imperialist cohorts were set in motion calling for his resignation and some even attempted civil disobedience.The providence of God has answered them by taking Bingu to go and rest and let others run the show.

Some of us understood Bingu and the vision that he had in his African Dream. He was bold enough to have to tell our big brother UK that enough was enough and that their ambassador had outlived his welcome because he behaved in a way the contravened the 1961 Viena convention of diplomatic relations. I have no regrets for that and offer no apology to anyone. This diplomat was supposed to perform within his codified protocol but he chose to behave otherwise and therefore it was just right to expel him.It was Bingu who received his credentials and it is Bingu who expelled him for being undeplomatic. Now Bingu took difficult but right decisions to withdraw Malawi from donor dependency that has made Malawi to be enslaved to the white imperialist. The zero deficit budget was one of his ambitious plans in the right direction that would have demonstrated to the big brother that we are a sovereign state and are capable of running our affairs. Bingu wanted to do away with white domination and we are not ready to reverse such gains.

The first week of her excellency has been the busiest.She has to listen to all the gossip about who was bad in the DPP and she has to attend to a long list of who are supposed to be dismissed and appointed. It is quite demanding for her and she surely needs the VP to attend to other duties and Khumbo with his youth still in him is more fitting for this office. She conceded to the fact that she had too many appointments with donors and foreign government representatives , some of them have already pledged to support her bring back the tattered economy. I am beginning to be suspicious with this kind of benevolence. I hope her excellence will make negotiations in good faith. History will be there to judge her. Bingu tried to emancipate us from the jaws of these economic manipulators. Bingu understood them because he had worked with them and he was going to them with a background of knowledge on how they work.Bingu strategy was first come up with a home grown policy, then see what we were capable of doing on our own and let them complement where we could not do. He did not allow them to make policies in their boardrooms and bring them here and this is what made him unpopular with them because he was playing the wiser to the white man.

Her excellency must not be donor maniac and try to sell our destiny to white domination. She does not need to mortgage our country to the imperialist domination for a few pieces of silver. Malawi has been independent for 48 years and yet all those years we have received all kinds of donations,aid ,loans etc and yet we still remain the poorest country in the world living on less than one dollar per day. We need to decolonise our mental slavery where we think all white is superior and that as Malawian, we are a helpless lot always wanting to be assisted.


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  1. John Mlemu

    I think the general air of the somewhat xenophobic writer is that Malawi’s long term solutions for reaching social and economic goals cannot lay in the hands of donors. The unwritten rule of Aid is its giving assumes some empathy and solidarity with the others goals which are vaguely based on shared hopes and values. Universal health, education etc. The flaws reveal themselves where issues like homosexuality etc influence the giving and imho disproportionately to the much larger goals intended by that very aid. I do understand the western position as Homosexuality and the issues surrounding it are in many ways at the kernel of what it means to be a just, progressive and equal society. Under this one issue a society; no matter how developed, cannot be said to be just if a harmless disposition (crime according to many African laws) can be punished and divinely sanctioned to have all possible rights stripped of them. I agree that no matter what wrong is levelled upon an individual he/she must be able to fall back on some institution for protection. Previously the Church served this role but the African church is willing to allow such undue punishment to persons who; lets face it, have committed no real harm. The Aid , development question is something that will cause much debate but the answer lay in fostering a wealth building model that is distributive at heart. Citizens in Malawi must feel that whatever their ambitions, avenues to help manifest those ideas need to be developed. We need donors but more importantly invest heavily into Universities and Malawians. If Her Excellency can do that while keeping the ‘Long-Tern’ interests of Malawians at heart that is all we can ask of her.

  2. Mmalawi weniweni

    stupid malawians, standing for nothing and falling for anything…your forefathers must surely be turning in their graves….dont forget, those that want to control and use you will count on the suffering and backlash of the people in order to install elements that can easily be manipulated…Your dependency puts you at the mercy of others…REMEBER ALL THE LEADERS WE EVER HAD LIED AND STOLE FROM US!!! from the so called ngwazi, who not only enriched himself massively but colluded with the same people in oppressing africans down south…then comes bakili..another bufoon who stole millions and now acts all righteous…then comes the second ngwazi, self enrichment running the country like he was the only economist in malawi…then comes this woman with her brand of “get on our knees and suck the donors cock” politics!!! ALL PAWNS IN A GAME THEY ARE NEVER MEANT TO WIN!!…atleast they, as the elit, get the chance to enrich themselves…but it is the poor man in the street, the ordinary citizen who then feels the full brunt of such breed of inherently stupid leaders…(no reservations)

  3. Mphongo

    Please as you accept stupid donation homosexuality, canibalism, beastilty and abortin MUST NOT BE PART OF THE DEAL:

  4. David

    This is sophistry of the worst order and it has nothing to do with colour or race. During the cold war, diplomats were kicked out of the West or the Soviet Union in equal measure on a tit for tat basis. The world does not owe Malawi a living. Ask yourself if Malawi today would have been any different if it had not been colonised. I am white and English but I love Malawi and stay with friends when I go. I have 2 beautiful little girls in Lilongwe who have adopted me and call me ‘agogo a chizungu.’NothingI would not do, to help them.
    I managed 6 companies on 4 continents when I retired & Malawian friends asked why not build a factory in Malawi? Simple answer: I can never trust your electricity. So make your peace and get that $350m from the USA.

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