Mdf Commander Reluctant On 7% Salary Increment To Health Workers

MDF health workers

The Malawi defence force healthy workers and other ranks have not yet received their 7 percent increment which was announced by government  in July last  year.

During the budgetary announcements, the Malawi government announced that they had  increased civil servants salaries by 7 % percent, but the soldiers healthy workers, have not received their share up to now according to information made available to Malawi Voice.

Since July 2011 when the state president Ngwazi Prof.Bingu wa Mutharika announced 7% salary increment to all civil servants up to now there is no such a thing to Malawi army health services other ranks said the source who refused to be mentioned .

” If this matter is not going to be addressed it may affect completely the health department ending up in either muting or problems in National security…. Simple thing may lead to something big, a journey starts with a step, As am talking to you things have started to build up but am not going to say a word.”  said the source

The Health workers and other ranks in the Defence Force are said to be  lamenting to their bosses who are not showing any interest in the matter  and the concerned are not sure whether they will get this privilege. This has demoralised and brought too much worries in their minds for the next increment or any other privilege they are entitled to receive whether from the government ,MDF or other sources.

The main reason for the delay is not known but unconfirmed reports indicate the army commander is reluctant to authorise the increment to the healthy workers.

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  1. chikadza kuwani Phiso  March 8, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Dont you know,its not him being reluctant,the government has no money.He gets the money from government unless you tell me that the money was given but used on other things.
    But also the commander has reemployed A Retired Lt Col Cohen Mbewe INTO THE WORKSHOP AS A CIVILIAN. what will be his job because there is a sitting in OIC there.if THE SITTING IN HAS FAILED TRY OTHER OFFICERS WHO ARE THERE,KODI BWANJI?


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