Nkasa Regrets Composing “Mose wa Lero” Apologises To Malawians

Phungu Joseph Mkasa

Poetic musician Phungu Joseph Nkasa says he is now regretting composing a masterpiece, Mose wa lero, as the man he heavily praised in the song has turned out to be a “thorn in the fresh of most Malawians”.

Nkasa sprung from his imminent artistic death bed with Mose wa lero in the running up to 2009 general elections in praise of President Bingu wa Mutharika, who he christened ‘later day Moses’.

In the song, Nkasa, famed for his powerful choice of words, said God was smiling at Malawi because of Mutharika’s stewardship, as evidenced by good rains which has resulted into good harvest.

But barely two years after the song endeared Nkasa to the ruling elites, the musician said he is now regretting for composing the song.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi Voice on Friday, Nkasa said he is now walking in town with his head buried because of what Mutharika has turned out to be.

“The president is a powerful economist who managed to instill hope in so many Malawians including myself as he put the country on the road to prosperity before the 2009 elections.

“It was in my view, that he would continue building on that success story in his second term of office, but this was a wish that never came out to be.

“I regret for composing that song, and if it forced some Malawians to rethink their political choice in the 2009 election, all I can say is I’m sorry,” he said.

Nkasa however denied that his latest song Mng’ono wanga, in which he is talking of a king who wants his younger brother to inherit all what he has, was a whip on the Mutharika brothers.

“I composed the song long before the DPP made their choice of the president’s brother,” he said.

Mutharika was credited, both locally and internationally for laying good foundation in his first term of office for the transformation of Malawi from being a poor, primary importing and consuming nation into a self reliant, producing and exporting one.

23 Comments for “Nkasa Regrets Composing “Mose wa Lero” Apologises To Malawians”

  1. Akula gulo koma otantha patsekela.Munthu wankulu wandevu zake koma zoyankhula zake zopusa.Mxiii mkasa ur a fool

  2. Che nyono

    Nkasa will very soon change his tune because the wisdom of Bingu in many things is about to come to light. Many Malawians will praise Bingu while he is dead than when he was alive.Nkasa, please stop being stupid.Bufons or embeciles are no good for us.

  3. Davie

    Koma mkulu ameneyi ndi panopa aziyimba za Joyce Banda… Yankho la umbuli, anatukwana pokwera posika timuwonera…

  4. Mr.Bambo

    Nkasa is indeed a big fool,amakonda kutong’ola,shupiti zake.

  5. Chiza Gondwe

    Apa zangoonetseratu kuti mkuluyu ndi wadyera ndi pankomera mvula yadzinja, akukonzekera kukawa winanso.

  6. sydney phiri

    Nkasa, ndiwedi chizete or a fool. Bingu’s fortunes or misfortunes and by implication, DPP’s are not by any way attached to your so called song. If I may ask, were you by any way coerced to sing the song? Malawi has better things to do than listen to tantrums from illiterates like you.

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