Ralph, Laugh and Rough

What actually happened is a subject of speculation up to now because both the Police and Ralph Kasambara, the man at the center of it all are not coming out clear about it. However what followed it is what is rough in that it reveals the kind of unsafe place Malawians are locked at; and the unfolding of it has been funny to say the least. It makes you laugh as if it is a good thing.


Ralph Kasambara is a prominent lawyer in Malawi. It started off with him dropping off 3 men who were dampen in blood at a police station. The claim was that his security men had beaten them up after they were caught trying to kill him and petro bomb his office. At least that is one version the story.

The second version says that the police went to attend to Ralph’s office after getting a tip that Ralph had taken some men there where they were subjected to a gruesome and inhumane torture treatment.

Ralph said he had collected evidence from them of which included a phone with messages and taped confessions that indicated that they were sent by DPP men from the state house to harm him.

The police questioned the men and they also questioned Ralph. From there, they ended up arresting Ralph Kasambara and his men as their conclusion was that Ralph had committed a crime.

Following on to that, like wild fire word made its rounds around news and social internet media that Ralph had been arrested and the reasons were political. Unsurprisingly the blame and all the cursing went to president Bingu wa Munthalika. Ralph became an instant hero.

Ralph has finally been released on police bail yet to be tried on unlawful wounding charges. During his time in detention he saw himself spending a night in a police cell, being released, went on a hero’s tour in BT, got arrested back, sent to Chichiri prison and then sent to Zomba prison where he was put in a death roll cell for his own safety. Finally he ended up being admitted at Mwaiwathu Hospital, the most expensive hospital in the country after complaining of a heart condition.


As all that was happening with Ralph Kasambara, the busiest person running up and down to get the man back from the police’s grip was Wapona Kita. Currently the front doors of the courts in the country are closed because of a strike that is believed to have been masterminded by Ralph Kasambara is in progress. The junior staff are asking government for more money of which government does not have. However Kita found a secret way within the system to bypass all that to get a bail for Ralph.

How Kita did it is his own intellectual property. Like the Coca-Cola recipe, he is keeping it water tight within his wraps. Even when the ACB is asking him to tell them how he did it, Kita is having none of it, he is not sharing. ‘No no no…’ he told them, ‘I am pleading the 51st.’ ‘They respected that and here I am, they haven’t arrested me,’ he wrote as his facebook status with a simper coming through in his words.

As has always been the case with Kita’s status updates on this case, this one was also followed with a thread of comments showering the amens and admiration sentiments in their hundreds for the well esteemed lawyer. The comments breathed this collective sigh of relief that Kita was back on the loose to get our man of the week out. “Go get ‘em,” yes, all of us his friends told Kita. “Government does not know you and Kasambara are no lawyers to mess with!” some added ardently.

Kita’s first target, as instructed by Ralph was Patricia Kaliati, implacably also known as Akweni. The issue being that she destroyed the image of Ralph. That woman, she never shuts up, does she? Well, according to Kita her mouth will cost her K60 million. How can she say that Ralph and his men, as Nyasa Times reported, homosexually assaulted Ralph’s alleged attackers? Kita like a Roman Catholic priest delivering a sermon was calm and polite when he came back and told us on facebook that Ralph had told him to proceed and sue the big mouthed woman.

Knowing how Kita is good at finding stuff in these law books he will find a way to morph up the good will and support that Ralph has received due to Akweni’s outburst to present it to the court as a butchered image of Ralph. We can only hope that he will not plead the 51st when we ask him later on how he did it.

This other one invites a face palm. It is a contempt of court charge on someone Kita is yet to find out about. The idea to do this came when an injunction he obtained at the High Court in Zomba to have the secretly obtained court bail respected was not entertained at Zomba Maximum prison. He says he was told that the IG asked for the injunction to be served on the IG himself. …So potential candidates to face Kita in court are, a certain person called ‘orders from above,’ the IG, the prison officers, Jose, the police and others that did not respect the injunction whom might have been in the path of Kita between the High Court in Zomba and Zomba Maximum Prison. –In fact as we are writing, it seems like Jose, the Southern Region Commissioner of police has won the jackpot. He has been served to attend proceedings for the contempt case. You don’t know who is next.

Now, not only Kita as a lawyer was involved in this. He told us that when the police went to search Ralph’s house and office, they were 30 of them, of whom probably in a case of not wanting to be outdone by the police, the lawyers matched them up with 20 of themselves. There were police and lawyers everywhere at Ralph’s office and house. Everywhere! For every 3 policemen, there were 2 lawyers present. Not that they had nothing to do because of the strike, but they wanted to make sure that the 30 policemen didn’t replace the leaking batteries in Ralph’s torture machine with new ones. And that the other powder they found was not illegal powder but baking powder. They made sure that every one including the police were good on that understanding. – The batteries are leaking and the powder is for baking.

Gift Mwakwawa went running to BBC and told the people of the world that Kamuzu was a better dictator to him because the laws then permitted him to be a dictator. Bingu however is not a good

dictator because he has no laws to permit him to be one hence having Ralph Kasambara in the coolers is not right at all. Gift is the president of the Law Society of Malawi.

NGO/CSO imposed a ban on MBCTV from covering a press event at which they were talking about what was happening with Ralph. They said they don’t like them because they don’t say what the CSO leaders want them to say. The CONGOMA director added to say that they did not like it about MBCTV reporters because of their punctuality. They would prefer tardy reporters that keep African Time instead of these boys that have this strange time keeping discipline.


There is a lot that has happened and a lot will happen around this issue of which we need to come up with a series of Saturday Night Live parodies to satirize but this time, on a serious note now, here is the rough part of it all for all of us: We have two devils in Malawi. One devil we know the other devil is two subtle, we can’t put a finger to it.

The government is the Devil we know. The good thing about this devil is that it is in our face. We know its moves because apart from seeing it ourselves we have the opposition to tell us what the government is not doing right. The information that we get from there helps us to make decisions on whether we still trust the people we put in government to continue serving us or not. We have the power.

The Devil that we don’t know and yet seem to be unleashing its own form of unfairness on us is the judiciary. What is happening as revealed by this whole saga is more dangerous for us than the political problems that we are having. In fact the danger is even made worse because of the political problems we are having.

Normally in a society people that work in the judiciary are regarded as very intelligent people. And also because in their work they stand between you and prison, it is an overwhelming thing to question them even if you know that what they are doing or saying is wrong. It is the same as rebuking a doctor that is treating you, you think twice before doing it because you know how much stake they have on your very life.

At the moment because the members of the judicially seems to be standing with the people as they take government to task on different issues and have hijacked the people’s voices for them to do that, it becomes difficult to see the wrongs in them. And if you happen to see the wrong, to point them out becomes a difficult thing because you don’t want to disappoint someone who seem to be doing you a favor.

They are very educated and they speak and write with all this legal jargon. Often times they are forceful, authoritative and intimidating when they speak. It is difficult to ascend to their level to have a candid conversation.

However, we still have a problem with them, which to me is more dangerous than the political problems that are in our face in today. Some of us have friends or home buddies among them and therefore this

might not have that much of an impact in our perception. If you can remove yourself from the picture first and think about the average Malawian person, that kind of empathy can correct the vision. The average Malawians come in large numbers and this Kasambara issue has revealed that the courts cannot deliver justice for them.

Kasambara might be who he is among us but let us face it; it is not fair that he could get a relief from the courts when others cannot because of the strike. Kasambara calls himself a human rights defender and he knows that very well. It– is– not– fair!

Kasambara on Hospital bed

The question with this is not how people are finding themselves behind bars when the strike is in progress; We know the police are not on strike, they are still enforcing the law and that is why we have people being locked up there in the first place. The question is how one of the people that found himself behind bars managed to find his way out when others cannot find their way out.

Edge Kanyongolo, a constitutional law lecturer at Chanco and other lawyers have tried to justify the move but their explanation is more political than honest. They are talking to government, trying to show how foolish the people in government are and not saying anything about it to us, the people that need the courts. They have chosen to speak on top of us instead of speaking to us or with us.

They are not bothered that there are some of us who really need a proper explanation from them about how it was possible for Ralph Kasambara to get bail when others are not able to access the facility because of the strike. This is the message coming from them as reported in the Daily Times:

Legal experts have said that questioning the procedure that prominent lawyer Ralph Kasambara used to obtain his controversial bail is fruitless and illegal.

By disobeying the court order because of questions on what procedures were used instead of going to the same court with its concerns, government has portrayed itself as disrespectful of the law.

What they are telling us there is that we are wasting our time and breaking the law by asking them how Ralph Kasambara was bailed out when other Malawians are not able to be bailed out because of the strike. We can be prosecuted for asking that.

The other thing that they are telling us is that to them the end justifies the means. In other words the process in which the documents were processed does not make the document illegal even if they were fraudulently processed. The officers to whom they were presented had no right to verify their authenticity through other means other than that which was on the documents. The fact that they have knowledge of the strike preventing people from accessing the courts shouldn’t matter in their decision making as to whether to accept the papers as genuine or not.

It is common knowledge that the courts are on strike and the message is that people are suffering in prison because the courts cannot seat because of the strike. Taking it that the courts are there to serve the people, when the strike started people were not informed that there are alternative channels they could go through to obtain relief from the courts as the strike is in progress.

Also as it stands, with the amount of ‘opposition political involvement’ by our legal practitioners, especially the members of the Law Society of Malawi and also with the habit of withholding vital information about process/procedure from the masses, it is difficult to guarantee that members of the DPP, a party they vehemently oppose can be assured of justice from the courts in case of disputes and in their political involvement in places where the courts have to constitutionally play a part.

Ralph Kasambara once wrote a press statement in which he was accusing the president for appointing judges that were not from the northern region which indicated that legal practitioners like him are able to provide checks and balances to what the government does. However with the judiciary there is no one providing that. With its members standing in the political crowd, they put the other two arms of government at an awkward position to provide the same for them as mandated by the constitution.

It is a worrying situation where northerners in the judiciary seem to have ganged up and are executing within the system as a front. It is understandable that we have freedom of association, the reason of which it would have been okay if there was transparency in how business is conducted by the courts especially during times of difficulties like we are in now. When legal practitioners withhold information that the people are entitled to, the whole thing becomes suspicious. The Justice that you get because of who you know and not because of what you know is not justice at all. It means the other one who does not know anyone is denied justice.

This is even made worse with the cold shoulder and rebuke from the judiciary that the ACB is receiving after opening an investigation to establish as to whether corruption took place or not in the way Ralph’s bail was obtained. It suggests that the members of the judiciary that are speaking out believe that they are insulated from the bodies’ scrutiny in the way they have been conducting their duties. That can’t be healthy.


The long and short of this is that until someone comes out in the open and explain to the masses on what is going on, Ralph Kasambara’s case has demonstrated that there is corruption, clandestine deals, politics through the system, tribalism and disintegration within our judiciary system. There is need for the national’s radical consideration of the system. As it stands, justice is not the word we can associate with our judicial system.

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  1. The truth  February 26, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    The Courts have plotted a coup towards Bingu’s Government as evidence to the Kasambala saga.its a open secret that the judiciary is made up of Northeners flexing their muscles to help their fellow CSOs brothers the Northener’s big brothers.2014 is only few months ,why not wait.it all started with Goodall Gondwe and Peter’s presidental ambitions,so the Tumbuka judicial (Friends of Kasambala) are using the opportunity to achieve their political agenda ,demos and vigils did not work to their sides so their using some means which needs less funding,why striking now not 2009 ?!?

  2. Myfriend  February 24, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Well said let tem come out . Why should court procedures be the prevelege of a few. If indeed Kanyongolo teaches his students such tricks then we indeed have a rotten system. I still submit that Kasambaras bail was fraudulent unless we are told otherwise. When Kasambara enaged his people to rough up others, they were called thugs while those of Kasambara are called bodyguards. Can the legal minds help me distiguish bodyguards and thugs. Kasambara is regarded a prisoner of conscience for commiting human atrocities. In the first place if he knew the law permitted him to act as he did, when then did he take them to the police.He took statements, he alleges they wanted to torch his house and his office and he beats them to pulp. Indeed Malawi is a failed state of we can even have lawyers behave like this.

  3. Kangandiwamba  February 24, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    There is no law that says court sessions must be heard in court house!

    If Ralph through his lawyers got bail application, why haven’t the other people tried too. RK’s lawyers were acting o behalf of their client. It is not the duty of Ralph or his lawyers to stand up and apply bail for all and sundry.

    If the Malawi Government (through the eyses of Dr. H. Ntaba) in general and Malawi Police & ACB in particular aree concerned about other prisoners in the current environment of junior court staff – why not grant them “police bail”.

    If it is claimed them arms were twisted to get bail application, does this apply to the Zomba bail too? And where and how did the Government get their “counter-bail” and search warrant if the courts are closed? Chikomere galu kugunda mbuzi???

    Why didn’t Alex Nampota summon the learned judge who gave first bail, who happens to be a Government employee anyway and so that presupposes that it was much easier to sort out with him first?

    RK was put in maximum security death cell for his own safety: against who? Who was vying for RK’s blood, when on the contrary the world was vying for RK’s freedom? If indeed RK’s life was in danger, it evidences the fact the Police know who. Did the danger to RK mysteriously disappear while at Mwaiwathu Hospital?

    RK and/or his security team may have committed a crime directly or otherwise, BUT, all suspects are innocent till proven guilty by a competent court of law. Are Alex, Hetherwick, and information minister assuming the role of courts?

    By the way, how many other prisoners are of poor health as to gain favour of bail on health grounds? And how come the student from Mzuzu University died in Police custody without being rushed to hospital if the Police are that concerned about medical grounds?

    May be the conclusion is that please DON’T take us for fools and think you can play with our logic and wisdom as given by GOD.

  4. Mac Hende  February 24, 2012 at 6:44 am

    It is appalling and disgusting with what these idiots so called law society are doing. Gift Mwakhwawa is a failure and very tribalistic.
    Ralph Kasambara goofed big time and most of all he thinks he is above the law! That should be put straight and the message should hit home in a hard way whatever means necessary.
    The so called thugs that were beaten up God knows where have rights too! Their suffering cannot go in vain! That’s why Ralph you have heart problems..TB Joshua lol

  5. Kwani  February 23, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Guys, wether you agree or disagree with Ndirande Love’s column, he is making a very compelling argument. Kasambara saga is decisive and heavily politiced, but they are legitimate questions that need answers or thorough explanation. What legal channel Mr. Kasambara’s lawyers followed to be granted bail when the “junior staff” is on strike? Allegations that bail paperwork were signed in Shoperite parking lot are also of serious concern. Does it mean court business can be conducted anywhere by the legal folks? Another serious allegations that should be of concern to every Malawian were what head of ACB ( Mr. Alex Nampota ) made. He alleged that Mr. Kasambara brides the judges to influence the outcome of court rulings in favor of his clients. I am leaning towards believing Mr. Nampota’s allegations because of the way our legal community reacted to the saga. Has Mr. Kasambara hijacked our judicial system? I am wishing Mr. Kasambara and suspected assailants quick recovery.

  6. Frenyo  February 23, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Inde Bambo Roka ….
    Muli boooooo

  7. Demented Bingu-Laden  February 23, 2012 at 8:44 am

    By the way, at which hospital were the government thugs treated? Is it true that they taken to a private hospital? The other thing that the writer of this article must know is that whatever happened here was the making of the government. They wanted Kasambara in jail when the strike was on. unfortunately they have been out smarted.

  8. Ralph kasambara  February 23, 2012 at 8:17 am

    indeed Ralph anthu aja anawamenyela ku nyumba then taken them ku office Maluwa aja ndi akuoffice amene aja if look Ndipo torture was was you true or force even Ralph said it on radio but some of you want to dispute these facts just because your from the north

  9. Shumba  February 23, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Heehe kale lathu nkhani yake ndiyomweyi Kapena malopa anakulakwilabi china chale why divert from the real issue and start condemning people it just shows that the write wa baya pamoyo. Kasambara just like any Malawian is not above the law why do you argue that he is above the law cause he is a lawyer. Kasambara issue has been reported as if amulakwila but is it true in my opinion he broke the laws as should face . Why should we want to have rule of law but when one of our friends breaks one we want to defend him by condemning bingu an not saying bingu gets everything right but even him too when he is wrong needs to be told so and kasambara too

  10. kale lathu  February 23, 2012 at 5:01 am

    Mr Bright Malopa, what a disgrace you have been to our country. Time is running out for you and it is high time you stopped blaming the northerners for the arrogance of the president. I am a lhomwe myself but I am embarrassed to associate myself with this leadership. I have decided to be called Malawian. The law society is not a northern region grouping as your little knowledge is trying to mislead Malawians. JG Mwakhwawa, Jabbar Alide and Likhwa Mussa are the face of the Law society. Tell Malawians if these guys are from the north.

    If the ACB and the police had a problem with the procedures of obtaining the bail, they would have brought the issue to the courts. Mr little knowledge Malopa, let me school you a little. The government is made up of 3 arms. The executive, is not above the judicially and at all times, the executive shall never question the judicial processes. Have you told Malawians how the police obtained the search warrant to search Kasambara’s office and house from the same court?

    Opportunistic people like you are not helping the president. How can you let the president appoint a DPP regional governor to become the director of National Intelligence? For your knowledge, national intelligence is a machinery of government, not DPP. It is accountable to Malawians and funded by us tax payers. This are issues that every sane Malawian should be raising. Retarded people like you choose to ignore.

  11. Layman  February 22, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    You raise very useful points in your writeup. I’m not a Lawyer hence not competent to comment on judicial processes, like prodecures of obtaining court orders, etc.

    I’m however worried about your selective presentation of facts that we know:

    1. You have not mentioned that specific people connected to the statehouse and government machinary have been named as those sent to harm Kasambara: People like Hon Uladi Mussa have come forward, in parliament, and identified the said men. Of course, with such pieces of evidence, those involved in the attack know that they are in real trouble.

    2. Your appetite to always heap the country’s troubles on northerners troubles me. From my little knowledge, lawyers and other people who have spoken against the manner of Mr Kasambara’s arrest are not exclusively northerners. It is Right Hon Casim Chilumpha who challenged the Hon Justice Minister in Parliament to explain why Mr Kasambara was still in prison despite a court order. The former Vice President, who was once arrested under Mr Kasambara’s Attorney General reing, also explained that a court can sit anywhere at anytime. Mr Gift Mwakhwawa, who chairs the Law Society is not a northerner, to my knowledge. You may argue that these lawyers are being soiled by the northerners, but saying so would be insinuating that people from other regions are daft,which is not true.

    3. While many media houses are trying their best to present all sides to the story, MBC is happy to parade a one-sided view including complete lies about homosexual assault allegations by Hon Kaliati. This brings me to the other misrepresented facts in your writeup: CSO leaders did not say they had chased MBC journalists because the journalists do not report what the CSOs want to hear and because the journalists were punctual. Instead, the CSOs said MBC twists or misrepresents facts in their reports, similar to what you have done-I’m wondering if you work there. You also did not mention that the CSOs apologised for their actions.

    I sense from your writing that you have the capacity to engage in constructive debate. I’m however worried because you appear not to have the willingness to do so. If such a stance is deliberate and ochestrated by other motivations, I’m not sure if your conscience is clear about it.

    Thanks for taking time to write so others (like me) can read.

    • Chekuku  February 24, 2012 at 8:07 pm

      Gift is from Karonga my friend. It’s even obvious from his accent so get your facts right

  12. guilty until proven  February 22, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Lawyers are officers of the court, and they entirely sympathize wit the striking staff and that only gives them an easy access to the courts considering that Ralph is a Senior Council, human rights activist, former attorney aaah why not giving him bail?

  13. nchawa wozitsata  February 22, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    Useless….. A writer shouldn’t take sides; a good writer leaves the audience/ reader with a chance to be the judge: about the ACB, why should they come now and not when fertilizer was been stollen, when Mulli was monopolizing government contracts: come open your eyes friend this is much mor than u think


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