150 Reasons Why Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) Will Win Again In 2019

1. National Cancer Centre, Lilongwe
2. 28 Community Training Colleges
3. Rural Electrification Project in over 580 trading centres
4. Malata, Cement Subsidy
5. National Fibre Project
6. National ID Project
7. Nkhata Bay District Hospital
8. Shire Valley Basin Irrigation Scheme
9. Mzimba Water Project
10. Livingstonia-Njakwa-Rumphi Road
11. Greenbelt Initiatives
12. Food Security-Chimanga paliponse
13. Salima Sugar Company
14. Shire Irrigation Project
15. Bwanje Irrigation Project
16. Phalombe District Hospital
17. Phalombe Teachers College
18. Public Service Reforms
19. Modern police houses
20. 100 police vehicles
21. Karonga Stadium
22. Mulanje Stadium
23. Kasungu Stadium
24. Modern Nkhota-kota Bus Depot
25. Ntcheu Bus Depot
26. Nkhata-Bay Bus Depot
27. Mbulumbuzi Modern Market
28. Matawale Modern Market
29. Lunzu Modern Market
30. Sadzi Market
31. Chitipa Market, Bus Depot
32. Nsanje Market
33. Zomba Stadium
34. Ntcheu Stadium
35. Mzimba Stadium
36. Thyolo Stadium
37. Likhubula-Mulanje-Phalombe-Chiradzulu-Blantyre Water Project
38. Lake Malawi-Dowa-Salima-Lilongwe Water Project
39. Mzuzu-Nkhata-Bay Road
40. Kamuzu Barrage renovation
41. Reserve Bank in Mzuzu
42. Chipasula Area 23 Road
43. Upper Biwi to Chidzanja
44. Area 36 Road
45. Chimaliro Road
46. Ntchesi Road
47. Chiputula Road
48. Kasiya Santhe Road
49. Mzuzu Nkhatabay Road

50. Karonga Songwe Road
51. Mwanza Kunenekude Road
52. Chirimba Road
53. Mayani Road
54. Magalasi-Ndirande Road
55. Mbayani-Gayisi-Likhubula Road
56. Chimwankhunda-Living Waters-Nkolokosa Road
57. Limbe-Mbengwe-Manje Road
58. Zomba-Matawale Road
59. Thyolo-Thekerani-Muona Road in Nsanje
60. Chiradzulu-Phalombe-Road
61. Nguludi-PIM Road Z
62. Zomba-Jali-Mulanje Road
63. Bingu Stadium to Parliament dual, will never be the same.
64. Chileka Airport to Clock Tower dual carriage way
65. Blantyre District Hospital
66. Lilongwe District Hospital
67. Blantyre Stadium
68. 186km Bt City Roads
69. 20 Storey Building in Bt
70. Ntandire Road
71. Tsangano Neno Road,
72. Lilangwe-Machinga Road
73. KIA Mchinji Round-About Dual
74. Chileka International Airpor,
75. Nkhumbe GDC-Blantyre-Chileka via Michiru
76. Nanjiri Road
77. Area 44 Kanengo Bypass,
78. Four-storey complex at Poly
79. New Infrastructure at Chanco
80. Modern Infrastructure at Luanar
81. Modern Infrastructure at Mzuzu University
82. Modern Infrastructure at Salima Technical College
83. Modern infrastructure at Lilongwe Teachers College
84. Modern infrastructure at Soche Technical College
85. Modern Infrastructure at Nansawa Technical College
86. Machinga Teachers College
87. Chikwawa Teachers College
88. Lilongwe Teachers College
89. New Zomba Community Hall
90. . Limenelo ndiye Boma la DPP, a little talk more development.
91. Ngala Community Technical College-Karonga
92. Mponela Community Technical College-Dowa
93. Naminjiwa Community Technical College-Phalombe
94. Kamuzu International Airport extension
95. Bingu Stadium
96. Bingu International Conference Centre
97. Kamwamba Coal-Power Generation Project
98. Mangochi Community College
99. Mangochi Stadium
100. Installation of grid-connected solar power plants and diesel powered generators, with a total installed capacity of 70 megawatts and 78 megawatts
101. Rehabilitation of Nkula A and Tedzani III hydropower plants, to increase generation by a total of 22 Megawatts by the end of 2018;
102. Construction of Tedzani IV Power Project, to generate a total of 18 megawatts after commissioning in 2020;
103. Construction of Kam’mwamba coal-fired power plant, with a total generation capacity of 300 megawatts, to be completed in 2020; and
104. The DaeYang University Teaching Hospital
105. Five-Star Business Park-Lilongwe
106. Five Star Hotel in Blantyre
107. Aida Chilembwe Technical College-in Chiradzulu
108. Construction of Chapananga Bridge in Chikwawa, Malawi’s longest bridge
109. Mzuzu International Airport
110. One Stop Centre
111. Company’s registration pompopompo
112. Passport within two days waitenga
113. Driving licence now ili ndi dongosolo
114. Mombera University
115. Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must)
116. Malawi Parliament Building
117. New Nkhata-bay Port
118. Teachers now receiving salaries on time
119. Drug shortages no more
120. Filling stations all over
121. –APM’s delivery on his robust development programme
122. –Continued growth in the economy
123. –Divisions in the Opposition
124. Inflation, one of the biggest indicators of the state of an economy, is at 7.1 precent. This is the first time for Malawi to register a 7.1 percent inflation rate since 1980.
125. -Because APM offers sound strategy for national development.
126. –Because “Despite vocal attacks on the government of President Mutharika”, APM’s closest challenger Lazarus Chakwera “struggles to offer any viable policy alternative.”
127. -Chakwera has tampered with his party’s policy making body, the National Executive Committee, resulting in deep divisions in the party
128. –Chakwera does not offer viable policy alternative for the development of the country
130. — Because of robust delivery on his development programmes
131. — For keeping the country stable
132. — For restoring confidence in the economy battered by the Joyce Banda administration
133. — Because his rivals are too divided to mount an effective challenge.
134. Likoma Technical College
135. Likoma Jetty
136. Likoma Civic Offices
137. Milonga Community Technical College
138. Ntchisi Stadium
139. Ntchisi Bus Depot
140. Salima Stadium
141. Nkhota-Kota Stadium
142. Nthalire Modern Market
143. Cape Maclear Five Star Hotel
144. Mulanje Bus Depot
145. Mulanje Modern Market
146: Mwanza Stadium
147: Neno Modern Market
148: Machinga Civic Offices
149: Liwonde Stadium
150: Rehabilitation of railway networks

204 Responses to "150 Reasons Why Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) Will Win Again In 2019"

  1. Green Kunyenga   March 2, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    You are surely cheating yourself. Who in his right frame of mind can vote for this clueless old man again.

  2. #DzukaniAmalawi   March 2, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    Malawi sidzatukuka. If this is what you call development or achievement then we are indeed the poorest country in the world in mind and physically. No wonder Zambians call Malawi it’s poor province. I have often wondered why is it that even after so many Malawians have travelled outside the country they still think in a primitive manner. Why would anyone regard a list of small projects as progress. Why would anyone think that the listed small projects can be a basis for winning elections. If Simbi Phiri is able to uplift his own village the way he has done (with his own money), We would expect more from the government and its president. What is this stone laying all about……is it to hoodwink people that the party is moving forward. Koma inu ndiye mwaonjeza. Can we be serious for once and lift the country and its people from being the poorest in the world to at least top 15 in Africa in the next 5-10 years.


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